We specialise in taking 'average' men and women of Glasgow and turning them into fit & strong machines. Whether you want to lose weight, run your first 10k, shape up for a holiday or simply get into better shape. Our Small Group Personal Training Programme has been tried and tested countless times and we're so confident you'll love it, and get life changing results, that we offer a 100% money back gaurantee if you're not happy with your results. Simply enter your email below and we'll get the ball rolling to a fitter, leaner and healthier you.

Why Should You Trust Us To Make Your Fitness Goals A Reality?

We want to make getting into the best shape of your life as accessible as possible, here's how we do it:

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I'm Interested, How Does It Work?

Many People Looking To Improve Their Fitness, Health & Body Struggle To Do It On Their Own

You might already be a member of a gym or have had tried numerous diets and programmes in the past but they probably aren't getting you the results that you want.  

Maybe you're just looking for something a bit different and less 'boring'. 

Which is the main reason we developed our Small Group Training Programme. 

Commercial gym classes are too busy. You don't get enough Personal attention which means it's very common to pick up bad technique and habits. 

One on One personal training is expensive, hence the reason we don't offer it. We don't want you to be forking out £40 per hour for training with us. Though some people do need it and do prefer a One on One private session, it's not something that we advertise or offer.

Going to the gym on your own and hopping from machine to machine whilst checking your Facebook & Instagram just isn't cutting the mustard. It's hard for people who don't really know what they are doing in a gym to get results from going on their own with no programme or plan to follow. And most people just don't work hard enough on their own.

That's where our Small Group Personal Training Programme comes in...

We developer our Small Group Personal Training Programme to solve all of those problems above!

We only have 4 people per group which means that you get a great group vibe with the other people, but you also get enough One on One attention if we need to regress or progress any exercises to suit you or work around an injury.

It's Affordable! You are getting One on One Personal Training Results for a fraction of the cost of Personal Training. We have three price points - £99 per month, £119 per month & £149 per month. The more you train, the more you pay of course, but it's not just 'training' sessions you pay for. You get the FULL package! Flexibility, Nutrition Plan, Bonus Bootcamp Session, Accountability & Support, Challenges, Prizes, And of course our top banter.

And our favourite part of the programme. You will be pushed HARD. Most people going to the gym don't really know what a hard training session is until the step foot inside PK Fitness. We do of course cater for your needs and will regress any exercises for beginners but that doesn't mean it's going to be easy. If you're looking for easy, I'm affraid you're in the wrong place. 

Still Interested?