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I have proved to myself that I can push physical boundaries (weights, even when I'm out hill walking!) Push through the burn and that "fookin" mental block, smash through it (don't get me wrong the block is still there but not half as bad as it was!) What's very IMPORTANTLY to me is my weight loss and I understand it's very challenging for me... but I feel having more knowledge of tracking calories, macros etc and not needing this "QUICK FIX" because it never lasts so I enjoy eating what I love and I lose 1lb per week. I have made peace of mind with it going to be that bit longer to get to my target weight but I'm ok with that

Could not recommend PK Fitness enough. Was always too paranoid to go to gym classes/personal trainers before over fear of judgement of your fitness levels. This just does NOT happen here. Your made to feel completely comfortable and given exercises that obviously do push you and improve your fitness. I'm in my 3rd month and can recognise a massive improvement in my fitness. Definitely give them a try if you want to improve your fitness/lose weight and have a bit of banter whilst you do it.

Ainley Galbraith

I honestly can't recommend PK Fitness enough. Peter and Paul are fantastic at what they do - not only are they supportive in helping you to meet your goals, but they're also working hard on their own too!. I lost weight, gained confidence and am so much happier for putting time in at the gym with these guys. Flexible training times and really small groups mean that you essentially get a personal trainer for a fraction of the price. Cheers guys, again!!

Jess McQueen