100 Weight Loss Tips

100 tips for weight loss

We often get asked what are our top 10 tips for losing weight. Well, I’ve only gone and created a list of a hunnit (that means 100 for the not so cool peeps) tips for weight loss.

What you do with these tips is completely up to you, chances are you probably know ALL of them but just aren’t putting them to work. Most people like to gather information without taking any action on the useful knowledge they have gained.

Not you though, you’re gonna be different, aren’t you? You’re going to take each tip and try it out for at least a week before moving on to the next one, aren’t you?

No? Yes? Maybe?

Tis up to you my friend but if you wanna get some real-world results from these tips, I’d suggest doing so.

Anyways, enough of me blabbing on. Let’s get started!

100 Tips for Weight Loss


  1. Eat less
    2. Move more
    3. If the above doesn’t work, eat even less and more even more
    4. Stop binge eating at the weekend
    5. Stop binge drinking at the weekend
    6. Limit alcohol during the week
    7. Leave some food on your plate if you can
    8. Use smaller plates
    9. Fill half your plate with vegetables
    10. Eat protein with every meal
    11. Use protein shakes if you struggle to eat enough protein
    12. Walk to the shops
    13. Walk back from the shops
    14. Park further away from work
    15. Get a dog and walk it
    16. Walk everywhere
    17. Don’t keep high calorie snacks in your home
    18. Keep low calorie snacks in your home
    19. Don’t snack too much
    20. Drink water if you feel like snacking
    21. Swap full fat milk for semi skimmed
    22. Swap regular coke for diet coke
    23. You don’t get fat by eating fat
    24. Eat fat
    25. Don’t overeat fat
    26. Don’t overeat carbs
    27. Don’t overeat protein
    28. Don’t overeat anything
    29. Overeating makes you fat
    30. Lift weights regularly
    31. Find an active hobby and do it often
    32. Don’t sit for too long
    33. Exercise at least 2-3 times per week
    34. Get a good sweat on when you exercise (work hard)
    35. Don’t take your phone into the gym with you
    36. Don’t spend too long in the gym
    37. Don’t rest for too long between sets
    38. If exercising 2-3 times per week do full body workouts
    39. You’re probably not doing HIIT (High intensity interval training)
    40. You’re more than likely doing MIIT (Moderate intensity interval training)
    41. That’s ok
    42. You’re definitely not doing Tabata training.
    43. That’s also ok as long as you’re working hard
    44. Your coach can’t diet for you
    45. It’s on you
    46. Focus on the process not the end results
    47. Enjoy the process
    48. Don’t weigh yourself daily if it dictates how your day is going to be
    49. Only weigh yourself daily if you are taking weekly averages
    50. Be consistent with training and dieting
    51. Detox’s are bullshit
    52. Juiceplus is shit
    53. Forever living is shit
    54. Body wrapping is shit
    55. Fat burners are shit
    56. Waist trainers are shit
    57. Herbalife is shit
    58. Calories are KING
    59. Buy 1kcal cooking spray instead of oil
    60. Coconut oil still contains LOADS of calories
    61. Don’t put butter in your coffee
    62. Caffeine is fine to drink
    63. Drink caffeine before a workout for energy boost
    64. Eating every 2 hours doesn’t boost your metabolism
    65. Drinking green tea doesn’t boost your metabolism
    66. Eating carbs after 6pm DOESN’T make you fat
    67. Eat carbs
    68. Eat 1-2 pieces of fruit per day
    69. You don’t have to eat 5 pieces of fruit per day (this could be 400+ calories)
    70. Eat more vegetables than fruit
    71. Tracking calories isn’t obsessive, it’s a gives a realistic view of how much you’re actually eating/drinking)
    72. You don’t need to track calories forever
    73. The leaner you want to be, the more you’re going to have to track calories
    74. You’re not a bodybuilder, stop training like one
    75. Don’t squat on bosu balls or uneven surfaces – get strong on flat surfaces!
    76. Tell your friend, family and colleagues you’re dieting
    77. Ask them to support you as best they can
    78. Hire a coach (www.pkfitnessglasgow.com)
    79. Find a workout buddy
    80. Set goals
    81. Create a plan to reach those goals
    82. Follow the plan consistently
    83. If you’re not losing weight after a couple weeks do number 1,2 and 3!
    84. If you’re still not losing weight, hire a coach.
    85. Walk around whilst on the phone, don’t sit and chat.
    86. Take the stairs instead of lift or escalator
    87. Plan and prepare foods for the next day
    88. Use left over dinner for tomorrow lunch
    89. Cook in bulk and freeze
    90. Take progress photos every couple of weeks/month
    91. Measure your hips & waist every week
    92. Keep track of your progress
    93. Don’t reward yourself with junk food
    94. Reward yourself with new clothes, days out etc
    95. Get a good quality sleep every night
    96. Skip meals if you want too, as long as you don’t over eat for the rest of the day
    97. Breakfast isn’t the most important meal of the day, skip it if you like
    98. Fibre is filling
    99. So is protein
    100. Read this again and share it with your friendsSo to summarize as best I can…

    Eat less, exercise more, fill up on nutritious foods and limit high calorie foods such as cakes,sweets etc, train hard and most of all BE CONSISTENT!

    Peace out

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