27 Stone at 18 Years old and Heading for an Early Grave

Ainsley had tried every diet under the sun, from random weight loss pills off the internet which could have been anything!


But at that point
Ainsley was 18 years old and 27 STONE

and in Ainsleys own words

“Heading to an early grave” 

Enough was enough, Ainsley had got to a point where something needed to change so she took a pretty drastic step and got weight loss surgery (a gastric bypass), which resulted in Ainsley losing 11 stone in the first 12 months which is absolutely amazing!

Problem solved…

Until year 3 and 4 out of surgery when the weight started to creep back on…

So at the point Ainsley joined PK Fitness, she had put 3 stone back on and she really didn’t want to go back to where she started

Ainsley first joined our ‘6 week shape’ and then moved straight onto our monthly small group personal training programme…

Fast forward 1 year and Ainsley has shifted that 3 stone AND is only 3lbs away from being the lightest she’s ever been in her adult life

Personal trainer Glasgow

And she’s an absolute machine now as well – super fit and super strong (even if she doesn’t think she is)
There was no fad diets or miracle fat loss pills in sight! Just sheer hard work, consistency and dedication.
Here’s a few things that Ainsley really focused on to get that 3 stone back off..


* Calorie Tracking

*Increasing Protein Intake

* Being Active outside the Gym (10,000 step minimum)

*Following our Tough as nails Strength & Fitness programme

It’s really amazing to see the progress and it’s only going to keep getting better and better

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