3 Ways To EASILY Cut Calories

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[3 Ways To EASILY Cut Calories]

Here’s 3 very EASY & very SIMPLE ways to cut calories that you can implement immediately

which will of course result in weight loss

1. Go ‘Low Fat’ –

No, I don’t mean go on a low fat diet

It’s important to have a balance of all 3 macronutrients

I mean, look for ‘low fat’ or ‘lighter’ options

as you may know, fat is very high in calories

Coming in at a WHOPPING 9 calories per gram

So, it makes a ton of sense to keep an eye on your fat intake

Especially things like mayonnaise, peanut butter etc

Opting for ‘low fat’ products could help save a couple hundred calories

2. Switch to ‘diet’ drinks –

In an ideal world, you would drink only water

but we live in the real world

and in the real world, we like to drink cold, refreshing, sugary, beverages

the usual ‘full fat/sugar/ drinks can contain upwards of 150-200 calories per can/bottle
(maybe more in some cases)

again, it makes a ton of sense to try and cut these back

You could just go cold turkey and not drink any of these at all which would cut your calories down of course

But most companies have a ‘zero calories’ or ‘zero sugar’ option

Now, I know what you’re thinking

“what about all those nasty chemicals Peter”

there’s loads of recent REAL studies that prove these drinks are SAFE for human consumption
(reply to this if you want me to send these studies over)

So, yeah…a can of diet coke a day or every so often isn’t going to harm you in any way

In fact, it could well HELP you lose weight

Especially if you have a sweet tooth and drinking one of these helps that craving for sweetness

3. Skip breakfast –

the mush cookie ‘health gurus’ will absolutely hate this option

but it’s REALLY helpful if you tend to eat more and nibble on things in the afternoon/evening

‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’

this myth is still going around and some people absolutely swear by it

But it’s really not

If skipping breakfast isn’t your thing and you really enjoy eating breakfast

just cutting your portion down at breakfast time will save you loads

Opting for lean proteins, fruits, eggs etc

are fat better and lower in cals than high sugar/calorie breakfast cereals

and DONE!

I told you they were simple didn’t I?

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