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5 Tips For Managing Stress

[5 Tips For Managing Stress]

Everyone wants to be stress free all the time, but that’s not really realistic is it?

We can reduce & relieve it as best we can though…

So here is my top 5 tips for managing stress:

Tip 1

>> Smile & Laugh <<

If I’m feeling stressed (I’ve had this a lot recently)
I like to stick on some stand up comedy or a comedy movie and have a right good chuckle.

Tip 2 

>>  Take a break from it << 

What ever the ‘thing’ is that’s stressing you out….TAKE A BREAK FROM IT!

It may be a big work project, course work etc

Whenever it is that’s stressing you out, just put it down, walk away and chill out for a bit, you’ll feel much better and may even improve your productivity when you go back to it.


Tip 3

> Exercise <<


My ‘go to’ exercise stress reliever is boxing or kick boxing, not only does it feel good hitting stuff but it feels good getting a right good sweat on.

When you exercise, stress hormones decrease and your body releases the ‘feel good stuff’ that enhances your mood and reduces stress.

So, next time your feeling stressed, go out for a walk or run, hit the gym or give me a phone and we’ll do some boxing

Tip 4 

>> Meditate <<

I don’t make enough effort to do this myself, I actually used to meditate as funny as that may sound but it really does help you clear your mind & ‘switch off’ for 5-10 minutes per day.

I used an app called ‘Headspace’ that I’d really recommend, in fact, I’m actually going to start using it again.

Give it a try and let me know what ya think, don’t worry, you don’t have to sit upside down on your head and make ‘hmmmm’ noises ha ha

Tip 5 

>> Sleep/Rest <<

It’s really important to get as much rest as possible, working under stress in a rundown/tired state is a recipe for disaster and will only add to your stress levels.

Aim for 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night

Resting is equally important, although exercise is great for managing stress, there’s a fine line between exercise hard & often and over training.

Make sure you are properly resting,

yes! that means take a day or two off from training if you have to.

So, I hope this helps you out a little bit if your feeling stressed and looking for ways to combat it!


Peace out