The 60 Day Leaner Lifestyle Programme That Will Drastically Change Your Body Shape, Fitness & Lifestyle Without Sacrificing The Foods You Love

Tired of Not Feeling Comfortable & Confident In Your Clothes?

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    Fed up of crash dieting for a week or two only to feel tired, drained and of course miserable when you finally crumble and binge eat everything in sight?
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    Hate the feeling of getting ready for a day/night out when NOTHING fits or looks 'right' even though you've got a wardrobe packed full of clothes.
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    Sick of being unfit, out of shape and getting breathless after walking up a set of stairs when you used to be able to run up them without breaking a sweat?
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Hi, We're Peter & Paul aka PK Fitness, and we know EXACTLY what it feels like to be out of shape, overweight and stuck in the vicious cycle of yo yo dieting. We've been through it ourselves and came out on the other end and now live a Healthy, Lean Lifestyle.

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We HATE Quick Fix Diet Plans...

You know what I mean right?

Those quick fix diet plans that put you on an extremely low calorie diet, one so extreme that you can't stick to it for more than a week or two because you're:

- Constantly hungry 

- Tired and drained all the time 

- No energy for work, family or gym

- Moody and not a nice person to be around

- Could binge eat 10,000 calorie at any moment

But we understand why people put themselves through all that crazy stuff. It's because they are desperate for results and desperate for change. 

The only problem is, those results and changes don't last. Infact, 9 times out of 10, people who lose weight and bodyfat using a crash diet often end up piling it all back in a week or two later and more often than not, they end up putting on even MORE than when they started. 

And these crazy crash diets NEVER give out any useful information on Strength Training to get Leaner! It's all well and good seeing the number on the scale going down but that doesn't automatically mean you're going to look lean and feel confident in your body.

If you're not exercising properly, you'll still feel drained and low on energy all the time, you're clothes may fit a little better but you won't have any 'shape' or 'definition'.

Strength & Fitness Training Are KEY To A Lean & Toned Body

Personal trainer Glasgow

See, when you slash calories too low and you don't use proper strength & fitness training, your body starts losing muscle mass. You might not care about muscle mass, but you should.

Here's why:

If you want to look Lean, Strong, Toned, Athletic, Slim, and to Look Good Naked then it's essential that you follow a proven and tested strength & fitness programme.

And I get it!

You don’t want to get all big and bulky, but it's almost impossible for women to get big and bulky without the use of 'special supplements' and even then it's still very unlikely.

We want to help you change your body so that you feel confident in your own skin again. 

We want to help you so you can go shopping and buy ANYTHING you want without having to try everything on only to feel rubbish when it doesnt fit right. 

One of the ways we can do this is to show you how to use strength training to build a leaner body that boosts your confidence.

Are You Sick Of Being 'On & Off The Wagon'
 Year In - Year Out, Without Ever Seeing Any Lasting Changes To Your Figure?

The Straw That Broke The Camels Back...

Five years ago I went to Turkey on an all inclusive holiday. Two weeks of unlimited food and unlimited alcohol.... it was heavan.

I was with my better half - Katrina, my brother Paul and his partner - Kellyann.

Whilst we were there, we got some ‘professional’ photos took.
(What a laugh that was)

Once we finished our photoshoot, the photographer asked us to choose our 2 favourite photos so he could print them and then give us all the others on a memory stick for us to take home.

A couple days after I was back home in rainy old Glasgow. I decide to look at the disk with all our photos and imagine I was still back there enjoying that Turkish sun

I was in a really good mood.


I started to notice a few things about myself in those photos. Firstly I noticed how, after 2 weeks in the sun, I was still chalk white.

And then I noticed...

>> How round my face was

>> How much my ‘moobs’ were poking out through my t shirt
(moobs = man boobs BTW)

>> How my belly was hanging over my jeans which my tight t shirt wasn't helping
(front, side and back)

>> And I noticed how uncomfortable and bloated I looked

That was the moment I realised something had to CHANGE.

See, I’d been pretending that I was happy and being overweight & unfit didn’t bother me

Doing the classic "I’ve earned this belly" whilst patting my fat belly and forcing a fake laugh

I couldn’t pretend anymore though, not when I stood on the scale and I was 17 stone 10. For a guy who isn't the most vertically gifted person in the world... that is heavy!

I’m sure you’ve felt that way before, right?​

Maybe not as bad but at least in the sense of having to do something about your body or fitness...

My first thought was, I’m not having dinner tonight. Then I was on google looking for the latest fad diet and exercise program.

Even though my brother Paul is a personal trainer, I’d never really listened to him that much.

I’d put weight on and lost it before, Loads of times actually. That was the problem though, every time I’d go on a fad diet and lose weight, I’d end up putting it all back on (and then some)

But then I started listening to Paul’s advice

Then the game change, forever.

I started to live by The 10 Lean Lifestyle Commandments - I finally found a diet and training plan that worked for me. I could still eat all the foods I loved (pizza) and get leaner. I was in love with my strength & fitness training plan and seeing results every single week kept me motivated to keep going.

You Need A Lifestyle Change, Not Another Fad Diet ...

Your current lifestyle is what has led you to the current shape, weight, fitness level that you're in right now, and you're the ONLY person who has full control over that. 

Taking 100% ownership of your actions is what's required now and that's one of our Lean Lifestyle Commandments that you've probably read if you're here.

That's the biggest change that I made in my life which led to me completely transforming my lifestyle which in turn transformed my body, fitness, and health.


60 DAY

Our 60 Day Leaner Lifestyle online programme is our non-quick fix programme specifically designed for women who want to get leaner, more toned and build their strength & fitness levels through the roof.

But as I said, it's NOT a quick fix, it's NOT a magic pill solution and although it's a 60 day programme - you're going to have to be consistent and work hard over that 60 day period.

Our Aim With This Programme Was To Create A Programme That:

  • 1
    Works. Results are 100% gauranteed. We designed this programme with your results and success in mind. But again, it only works if YOU do. But it works fantastically well when you do follow it consistently.
  • 2
    Changes lives: As I've mentioned, we HATE quick fix diet plans which is why we have developed this programme as a guide to changing your Lifestyle rather than just giving you another temporary fix.
  • 3
    Can be done anywhere: Although we do have our own private training facility, we know that we are limited to the number of people that we can help which is why we decided to develop this online programme that can be done anywhere in the world.
  • 4
    Isn't time consuming: Not everyone wants to spend hours and hours in the gym, so we have specifically designed our strength & fitness programme so that it only required 2-4 hours of your time per week. Which isn't a great amount considering there are 168 hours in a week.

What People Are Saying About Working With Us:

“I honest can't recommend PK Fitness enough”

“I honestly can't recommend PK Fitness enough. Peter and Paul are fantastic at what they do - not only are they supportive in helping you to meet your goals, but they're also working hard on their own too! If you want to start training in a non-judgemental, fun atmosphere then give their 7 day trial a go. I lost weight, gained confidence and am so much happier for putting time in at the gym with these guys. Flexible training times and really small groups mean that you essentially get a personal trainer for a fraction of the price. Cheers guys, again!!


Jess McQueen

“Peter and Paul are amazing at what they do..."

I joined PK Fitness on the lead up to my wedding and got great results.

I’m back again post baby, doing the small group training. I love how varied and challenging the sessions are, with no two being the same. Always knackered and sweating after each class.

I was quite apprehensive coming back, struggling with the changes to my body and fitness levels after having a baby but 3 months in I’m feeling stronger and getting closer to my pre baby weight each week!

Peter and Paul are amazing at what they do, they really are great and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough!!"

Jennifer Longwell

“Your made to feel completely comfortable..."

“Could not recommend PK Fitness enough. Was always too paranoid to go to gym classes/personal trainers before over fear of judgement of your fitness levels. This just does NOT happen here. Your made to feel completely comfortable and given exercises that obviously do push you and improve your fitness. I'm in my 3rd month and can recognise a massive improvement in my fitness. Definitely give them a try if you want to improve your fitness/lose weight and have a bit of banter whilst you do it"

Ainsley Galbraith


Still Not Sure?

“I am now over 4 stone lighter than when I started"

“I joined PK Fitness bootcamp sessions at the end of March 2017, over a year later I now attend the small group training sessions. This is the longest I have ever stuck to any sort of training and nutritional plan, I usually lose all will power and go back to old habits. However training with Paul and Peter keeps you motivated to stick to your training sessions as each one is completely different and pushes your limits. No food is out of bounds either as long as you track everything. I am now just over 4 stone lighter than when I started and lost 4 dress sizes in the process. I am now probably the fittest and smallest I remember being. I even completed the Glasgow 10k with Paul and Peters motivation which is something I never thought I would do. I look forward to see what else I can achieve with them in the future."

Lynsey Letham-jewer

"The have a relaxed approach but some how manage to make you work like hell""

“No way! Excercise three times a week, maybe four, I cant do that!! Well that's excatly what I thought before I signed up. I work Monday - Friday full time and I am a mother to very crazy toddler however I was suprised at how easily it was to fit sessions in around a busy schedule. There are loads of time slots to choose from and the guys make it varied each week so for me that definitely made me want to go back every week, you never get bored. Peter and Paul clearly love what they do. They appear to have quite a relaxed approach but some how manage to make you work like hell! Would defo recommend PK Fitness."

Lynne Jackson Clark
Peter & Paul Kolatowicz

Creators of 60 Day Leaner Lifestyle

About us

We’re two brothers (Paul & Peter) that share the same passion for helping people reach their health and fitness goals in a a honest and ethical way.

As you've probably guessed already, we absolutely HATE quick fix diets, we hate BS fitness plans that don't get results - basically we hate a lot of things about the fitness and weight loss industry because it's full of scammers and imposters. 

Which is why we are so passionate about our own programmes and services, we truly do believe they can be life changing.

But this site isn't really about us, it's about you and how we can help you achieve your goals

The Nutrition Plan That Actually Encourages You To Eat Junk Food

Yep - me, the personal trainer, encouraging you to eat junk. You see, if you try to ban your favourite foods when dieting, all that will happen is you crave them more, and eventually you’ll binge. 

​You'll eventually binge on about 3,000-8,000 calories because you've deprived yourself of so much good food for a few weeks, for what? A couple of lbs dropped on the scale...

What if I told you that you can eat ALL your favourite foods whilst getting leaner and seeing the number on the scale go down. It's what all of our female fat loss clients do and they are all seeing astonishing results.

"I just don't know what I'm supposed to be doing in the gym, I hop from machine to machine"

The main problem when people go to the gym on their own is that they either don't know what to do, or they don't have a plan to follow... 

Luckily, with our 60 Day Leaner Lifestyle programme, we kill two birds with one stone. We deliver a tried & tested Strength & Fitness programme that is specifically designed to get you Leaner, Stronger, Fitter whilst progressively getting you more comfortable and confident training on your own. 

Every exercise you do has a video tutorial and coaching points laid out so there is absoltely no guesswork.

Results Every Week

Another common trend we see when people start a new fitness plan is that they often give up after a few weeks because they aren't seeing results.

We like to encourage Small Wins that lead to Big Outcomes on our 60 Day Leaner Lifestyle programme. We celebrate the small wins that keep you motivated which in turn, leads to the bigger outcomes that you originally set out to achieve. 

Accountability Is Essential For Success

You’ve set your goals…now what? What do you plan to do differently this year  to ensure that you actually reach your goals? Are you tired of just carrying them over from year to year…slightly disappointed for lack of achievement, yet a little bit hopeful that this time will be different?

Accountability helps you measure your success and progress.  We will help you define what success looks like to YOU and set milestones to measure your progress along the way. You can easily track how close you are to reaching your goals.

Accountability keeps you engaged. There are things that will come up that will distract you from your goals and take you off course. Having access to our accountability group will therefor be essential for keeping you on track towards your goals even if you do hit some hiccups along the way.

Accountability will keep you responsible.  Accounting for your actions weekly will cause you to take a good look at yourself, start eliminating the excuses and start making deliberate actions that will lead to a Leaner Lifestyle.

This is Not for the Quick Fix Crowd.

If you're still reading, I'm guessing this warning won't apply to you. You're probably just as sick and tired of 'quick fixes' yourself. 

It's also not for you if you:

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    Think that simply paying for this programme will instantly solve all your problems. Yes, you must invest money into the programme but you must invest your time and dedication too.
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    Want to lose unrealistic amounts of weight in a short space of time. Yes, it is possible to lose 1-3 stone in 60 days (and we have coached people to do this) but it's not always the case.
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    Don't care about getting Stronger or Fitter. A big part of this programme is focused on training, so you have to commit to training consistently over the 60 day period.
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    See online coaching as being 'easy' compared to in person coaching. I won't lie to you, our training programmes are hard and you won't ever leave a training session thinking "that was easy".
  • angle-right
    Looking for a quick fix. I don't really think I need to mention it again but this isn't a quick fix. It's a lifestyle change, so if you're only here for a quick fix to your problem, this is NOT the programme for you.
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Here's What You Get:

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    A Tried & Tested Strength Training Programme Specifically Designed To Get You Stronger, Leaner, and Fitter Every Week 
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    ​A Diet Plan That DOESN'T Exclude ANY Foods - We'll Track Everything So You're Gauranteed To Progress Quickly
  • ​A Supportive Community To Help You Through Your Journey and Fuel You When Things Get Tough
  • ​Access To Accountability Group Where We Will Keep You Accountable To Your Goals and Ensure You Reach Them
  • Access To Thousands of Healthy Recipes + A Social Eating Survival Guide so you can eat out with friends & family WITHOUT sacrificing your progress
  • A Complete Mindset Shift - You'll Go From 'Crash Dieter' To Living a Leaner Lifestyle in 60 Days Without Sacrificing Food, Booze or Your Social Life

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get leaner, more toned or get much stronger & fitter by the end of the 60 day programme, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Do I need access to a gym?

If I have issues, can I contact you?

When does it start?

How is it delivered?

P.S. Still not sure? 

Well, I just want to clear a few things up again. 

This is not a quick fix programme. It's not easy and it's not for everyone. 

You will be required to work hard.

You'll need to be consistent in order to see results.

And you need to listen to us and trust us. 

I just need you to know that we will do everything we can to ensure you reach your goals but all we ask in return is that you listen to us and follow the programme to the letter.

If thats you, click below.

Copyright - PK Fitness Glasgow