personal trainer Glasgow


We're Peter & Paul aka PK Fitness Glasgow.

We're two brothers that share the same passion for helping people transform their bodies, strength & fitness. 

So, without boring you too much with every detail of our life stories, here's the very, very, short version.

We both love three things... Lifting weights, Running & Eating. 

(And helping people include strength & fitness training into their lives without giving up the foods they love, their social life or being a slave to the scales)

But this site isn't really about us, its about you and how we can help you achieve your goals.


personal trainer Glasgow

Take Caroline for example:

Caroline works in a nursey so it's important that she has high energy and not crashing mid afternoon. 

But before Caroline joined us she was feeling busy, sluggish and overwhelmed at times.

She wanted to lose weight, feel less sluggish, and stronger physically and mentally. 

So, Caroline decided to take a leap of faith and come along to PK Fitness Glasgow and has never looked back.

In Caroline's words:

"This is the longest I've stuck at something as I usually  I am in the zone for a few months then back off, but I genuinely enjoy PK fitness Glasgow"

We asked Caroline what were the main reasons she'd recommend PK Fitness Glasgow:

"Small group sessions! where there's more focus on individuals, my confidence with lifting weights was never great but I certainly feel more confident now." 

"There's no shouting in your face (go go go!), I've had this with training sessions before and found it off putting"

Small Group Personal Training is what we specialise in.

It's our core training program. 

Classes with 20-30+ people in them are a horrendous breeding ground for bad technique. 

Personal training is fantastic, but it's a quick way to empty your bank account. 3 sessions per week will cost around £300-£500 per month.

Introducing Small Group Personal Training... 

Our small group personal training program gives you the perfect amount of exposure to strength training to build and shape your figure, and the perfect amount of cardio conditioning to get your heart and lungs pumping and working efficiently.

Every session in our gym is coached so you'll never feel lost or unsure about what to do. 

We take away all the guesswork so all you have to do is show up and follow the program under the guidance of your personal trainer, just like Caroline did...

"I have proved to myself that I can push physical boundaries (weights, even when I'm out hill walking!) Push through the burn and that "fookin" mental block, smash through it (don't get me wrong the block is still there but not half as bad as it was!) What's very IMPORTANTLY to me is my weight loss and I understand it's very challenging for me... but I feel having more knowledge of tracking calories, macros etc and not needing this "QUICK FIX" because it never lasts so I enjoy eating what I love and I lose 1lb per week. I have made peace of mind with it going to be that bit longer to get to my target weight but I'm ok with that"