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Paul’s balls :(

pk fitness Glasgow

It was all Paul’s fault Paul’s my big bro in case you didn’t know He’s also the other half of PK Fitness (the less handsome half) We were out playing a bit of football yesterday The only time we ever play football is just kicking it about before bootcamp starts So our ball skills were […]

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Nasty Facebook Lady Says It’s Bollocks

weight loss Glasgow

“This is Bollocks!! You don’t need to be bikini ready” That’s what this women posted on one of my Facebook adverts The advert headline was: “I’m not ready to wear a bikini this year” then the sub heading was: “We’re looking for 4 women who want to prove that statement wrong… bla bla ba” then […]

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“The Ibiza Diet”

personal trainer Glasgow

Ever heard of it? I don’t actually know if  ‘the ibiza diet’ is a thing but it sounds like it could be I was scrolling through instagram after our last group finished up yesterday morning (They absolutely smashed it BTW) A girl uploaded a photo of a big ass Dominos pizza, wedgies, chicken strips and […]

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“My Boobs Smash Against My Face”

personal training in Glasgow

It’s pretty funny hearing some of the stuff our group personal training groups speak about “My boobs smash against my face when I run” That’s what  one of our ladies said happens to her when she runs Don’t worry though… I’m not gonna get weird and speak about bouncing boobies, ’cause that would just be […]

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Lessons From The Coffee Shop

personal training Glasgow

Every Tuesday, Paul & myself meet up with a good friend of ours in a coffee shop This guy is a ‘business beast’ and knows his stuff He’s also a personal trainer and runs a very successful weight loss group for women too (similar to our Group Personal Training ….which has a few spaces in […]

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He’s Not The Same Without His Balls

personal trainer Glasgow

My wee doggy pal Oscar has been misbehaving in the last month or so He’s always been a cheeky wee rascal but he was getting worse and worse So, we called a dog behavior expert out It was unbelievable This guy calls himself ‘the dog whisperer’ Rightly so, he was amazing Katrina described him as […]

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Why You’re NOT Losing Weight

Glasgow personal trainer

Most people do very well during the week when trying to lose weight It’s the weekend that holds a lot of people back ’cause that’s usually when the bevvy gets cracked open and you ‘let your hair down’ but, too much of that  ‘letting your hair down’ can actually be what’s holding you back from […]

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4 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Personal Trainer

personal trainer Glasgow West End

This may seem a bit odd coming from me as this is how I make a living but I’m going to give you 4 reasons that may make you reconsider your choice to hire a personal trainer Here’s they are: 1. Loads of extra washing Personally I find this the worst part of exercising When […]

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How Dawn Dropped A Dress Size In 4 Weeks

Personal Trainer Glasgow

“Thanks for pushing me, my new, smaller dress size also thanks you!” That’s what Dawn posted in our private Facebook group… Well, not exactly I left out the part where she mentioned how hard she was finding walking down stairs after leg day Which shows us two things 1. She has been working hard and […]

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