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“I cut bread out my diet and lost weight”

Who’s heard that before?

We had a message from a woman that wanted to join our Group Personal Training program
(she decided not to join)

who mentioned this and said that she only wanted the ‘training’ part of the program.
Her reason for not wanted help with nutrition was because she knows what to do,

apparently she cut out bread before and she lost weight so she was just going to cut out bread again.
For me,

that’s just unsustainable because I LOVE me a good sammich!
Same for a lot of people.

For the people who’ve been with us a while, you’ll have heard me say this before most probably so you can look away now haha

The reason this lady lost weight WASN’T because she cut out ‘bread’….
It’s because she created a calorie deficit.
Bread is a really calorie dense food, meaning it has a lot of calories for what you get…roughly 130 calories per slice, and I don’t know many people that only eat a 1 slice sammich!
So we’re talking 260 calories just in bread,

add on 100 calories for the butter = 360 and then some form of filler….let’s be conservative and say another 100…

that’s potentially 460 calories you’re cutting out of your daily intake.
It always comes down to calories in vs calories out…
So, take home point?

cutting out certain foods(bread)  isn’t the reason for weight loss….

> Cutting down your calories is <<<

If cutting out bread helps you lose weight then that’s fine but don’t think you HAVE to cut out certain foods.
You don’ have to torture yourself just because you want to lose a bit of weight

Even if you have 10 stone to lose

You can still eat bread, pasta, sweets etc

It’s just knowing how much of those foods yo can eat whilst still being in a calorie deficit

Something we’ve done with our group personal training clients

Which you can get in on by hitting the link below >>

Peace out

Peter ‘Bread lover’ Kolatowicz

PS – We only have 2 spaces left in our 0630 groups but they rest are all full

Here’s that link again