Cardio Is NOT Everything


I asked this question in our private FB group for clients..

“What advice would you give yourself if you were just starting out trying to get fit, lose weight & tone up?”

The awesome Christine wrote

“Cardio is not everything”

Which is very true, most people think that you need to go running in order to lose weight

and they would be correct.

You WILL lose weight if you do cardio and cut calories down

But it’s not exactly the most fun method of exercise is it?

I’m probably just being mega biased but I think lifting weights, doing circuits etc is WAAAAAYYY more fun than running for 45-60 minutes?

Who knows…

The other problem with cardio is, you’re not really building any muscle or getting stronger are you?

Maybe if you only do hill sprints you’ll get some leg stimulation in but most people won’t be out doing hill sprints often enough for that to happen

99% of people who say they want to lose weight actually mean they want to look more toned & shaped

Cardio will not do that for you.

Lifting weights WILL do that

Just take a look at this photo

>> Here << 

There wasn’t much cardio involved in that, there was 3 x weight lifting sessions per week and the odd run every so often.

But listen chico, I’m not saying cardio doesn’t work

It does. It burns calories which is what we need to lose weight…

But it’s not the ‘be all & end all’ of weight loss that people make it out to be

Neither is lifting weights, but a bit of both is GREAT

Even the very popular Kate Upton is smashing REALLY heavy weights and does pretty much the same type of exercises our Group Personal Training clients do

Check out this awesome article on why YOU should be exercising like Kate Upton

Kate Upton Article

Have a good day!


PS – We are down to 2 spaces in our Group Personal Training now just to let you know 😉

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