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Remember I said my first session wasn't that bad? Well.. You should have seen the state of me after my second session which was also day One of the drop a dress size challenge. The second session was heavy on my legs, like seriously heavy. But it’s such a good group of people your training with that although the sessions are hard it doesn't seem that bad. (well apart from that assault bike - that's death after 1 min no matter who you are you will never beat that beast) OMGEEEEE I

Let me introduce myself You probably don't know that I'm the other owner of Glasgow's dedicated group personal training gym - PK Fitness Glasgow. That's because I've basically been pregnant since we opened. This was taken nearly 3 years ago when we were working hard to get the gym open. A pregnancy to remember My 1st pregnancy was honestly nothing short of horrendous. I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Which if you don't know means I was severely sick to the point I couldn't consume anything, even water, which resulted in numerous hospital admissions for

Ainsley had tried every diet under the sun, from random weight loss pills off the internet which could have been anything!   But at that point Ainsley was 18 years old and 27 STONE and in Ainsleys own words "Heading to an early grave"  Enough was enough, Ainsley had got to a point where something needed to change so she took a pretty drastic step and got weight loss surgery (a gastric bypass), which resulted in Ainsley losing 11 stone in the first 12 months which is absolutely amazing! Problem solved

purge (on fat loss) pəːdʒ/ verb 1. rid (someone) of an unwanted feeling, memory, or condition. "Bob had helped purge Martha of the terrible guilt that had haunted her" 2. physically remove (something) completely. "a substance designed to purge impurities from the body"   The Purge on Fat Loss I went to the cinema the other day, to see 'The First Purge'. Pretty decent viewing but fairly predictable if you've already saw the others. But I'm not going to spoil the movie for you just in case you've yet to watch it. At one point during the movie it got me thinking about fat loss,

You know exactly what I mean right? We’ve all experienced this at some point. Whether it be ourselves, a friend or co-worker, we all know about people who diet during the week then “fall off the wagon” during the weekend. Let’s use Jane from accounts as an example though, (Sorry if you’re name is Jane and you work in the accounts department). Here’s a brief description of Jane: - She wants to lose weight. - Is currently 85kg and in the long term she’d like to get down to 70kg. - Works as an accountant - Sits

We often get asked what are our top 10 tips for losing weight. Well, I’ve only gone and created a list of a hunnit (that means 100 for the not so cool peeps) tips for weight loss. What you do with these tips is completely up to you, chances are you probably know ALL of them but just aren’t putting them to work. Most people like to gather information without taking any action on the useful knowledge they have gained. Not you though, you’re gonna be different, aren’t you? You’re going to

Ah, the scales. The sad step or whatever other name people call them. Possibly the most hated thing in the fitness industry? Maybe that's a bit of an over exaggeration but I'd say they're in the top 5 at least, burpees most likely takes the top spot though.     What's so bad about the scales then? Well, to be completely honest, I think the main problem isn’t in fact the scales but it’s how people use them. (though they do have some flaws) 1) Don't weigh yourself in the evening. - You've been eating all day and

10,000 steps a day That’s the challenge we set all our clients Not everyone took part, but they ones who did? They absolutely smashed it Couple problems though Firstly, some people didn’t have fitbits or phones that could track steps Secondly…. Because they didn’t have the aforementioned (great word) gadgets that track steps Some went out and bought them Some people didn’t want to spend a fortune on a real fit-bit though (they cost around 100ish pounds) so, they opted for?? A  ‘Shit-Bit’ instead! Not a big deal you say? It’s only a step counter, so why should you spend £40-£100 on it I get

To ‘low carb’ or not? That is the question… Most people have heard of low carb diets, mainly due to celebrities and all the silly ‘lose 1 stone in a week’ articles that get plastered in almost every popular women’s magazine. The biggest reason people go low carb is to lose weight, and they are usually in a hurry to lose that weight too. How it works: Most people claim to be ‘NO carb’ but don’t actually realize that there are TONS of foods that have carbs in them. They usually don’t count fruit & veg