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A Year of Results – 1 2 1 Personal Training

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  2016 – A Year of Results. It’s almost 2017, loads of people are making New Year’s Resolutions so I thought I’d share some progress stories and photos from some of our current 1 2 1 personal training and group training clients. Hopefully these will help to inspire and motivate you to get yourself into […]

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3 Ways To EASILY Cut Calories

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[3 Ways To EASILY Cut Calories] Here’s 3 very EASY & very SIMPLE ways to cut calories that you can implement immediately which will of course result in weight loss 1. Go ‘Low Fat’ – No, I don’t mean go on a low fat diet It’s important to have a balance of all 3 macronutrients […]

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The Straw The Broke The Camels Back

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The straw that broke the camel’s back Couple years ago I went to Turkey, Two weeks of unlimited food and booze aka heaven Two weeks with Katrina (my better half), Paul and his better half, Kelly Ann, Sunning it up in Turkey Whilst we were there, we got some ‘professional’ photos took What a laugh […]

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HIIT VS LISS – What’s Best For Fat Loss?

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HIIT VS LISS – What’s Best For Fat Loss?   This is something we get asked quite often, so I thought it’s about time I write a short blog about it. Chances are, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’ve probably heard of ‘HIIT’ before. HIIT is a ‘buzz […]

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Reality Check From Hell

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Reality Check From Hell Paul & I decided to hire a boxing coach last week, I’m still absolutely buzzing from the session and can’t wait to get back in for some more ‘Twas a BIG reality check for us both though You may know by now but… I’ve always struggled with my weight and fitness […]

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Lessons From The Boxeo Gloves

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Lessons From The Boxeo Gloves   I purchased a pair of new boxing gloves on Tuesday, hired a boxing coach also, a guy from one of Scotlands top boxing gyms But I’ll tell you about that on Monday! Feeling pretty motivated to get back into thee old el boxeo ^^ that means Boxing in Spanish…. […]

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5 Tips For Managing Stress

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[5 Tips For Managing Stress] Everyone wants to be stress free all the time, but that’s not really realistic is it? We can reduce & relieve it as best we can though… So here is my top 5 tips for managing stress: Tip 1 >> Smile & Laugh << If I’m feeling stressed (I’ve had […]

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Herba’shite’, Juice’pish’ & Forever ‘Lying’….

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years  then I’m sure you’ve heard of these companies: ‘Herbalife, JuicePlus & Forever Living’? Ring any bells? They are sold as ‘health’ products and usually ‘weight loss supplements’ or ‘meal replacements’ In fact, I guarantee you probably know someone who sells some of these […]

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I Did It…

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Remember my personal challenge I emailed about on Monday? Well, I completed it! I set myself a challenge of emailing you for 5 days straight (hopefully with some helpful stuff) This is number 6 in a row actually, go me! Which may not seem like a ‘challenge’ to you at all, but for me? This […]

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“Even when you think you can’t do anymore”

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“push it a tiny wee bit further!” Another BELTAR of a response to my question the other day It’s so freaking true Read that again, brosive “Even when you think you can’t do anymore….push it a tiny wee bit further!” I don’t know how many times I’ve been mid way through a tough training session […]

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