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How To Get Better At Press Ups

personal trainer Glasgow

First of all Let me tell you it’s NOT gonna be easy So, if you think that you’re gonna be repping out sets of 10 press ups in 2-3 weeks time then you should you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment As you may know, we run a a small group training program for women […]

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“Just think of the wedding dress”

Personal trainer Glasgow

Well boxing bootcamp was fun last night Packed full of loads of great punching, squats, planks, sprints, sit ups and an abundance of FOUL language Lots of “fucks”, “shits” and “fuck yous” Mainly directed towards Paul….. (although I did get called a ‘tadger’?) Anyway It wasn’t all just ‘cussing’ at us Whilst they were smashing […]

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A Slow Cooked Bag Of S***

Personal Trainer Glasgow

No, this isn’t a slow cooker recipe Sorry if you’re eating your breakfast and all you can think about is a bag of shit in a slow cooker I take that back actually, I’m not sorry, I find that pretty hilarious if I do say so (yes, I am very childish) Anywhooooo Why’s this email […]

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