Cheap Shitbits…

personal training clients

10,000 steps a day

That’s the challenge we set all our clients

Not everyone took part, but they ones who did?

They absolutely smashed it

Couple problems though

Firstly, some people didn’t have fitbits or phones that could track steps


Because they didn’t have the aforementioned (great word) gadgets that track steps

Some went out and bought them

Some people didn’t want to spend a fortune on a real fit-bit though
(they cost around 100ish pounds)

so, they opted for??

A  ‘Shit-Bit’ instead!

Not a big deal you say?

It’s only a step counter, so why should you spend £40-£100 on it

I get it, snowflake

Not everyone has £100 odd to toss around

That’s not really where I’m going with this though

The reason I’ve been calling them ‘Shit-Bits’ is because they keep on breaking

or just refusing to count steps


I think not, my friend

See, there’s an old saying that goes along the lines of

“If you pay peanuts…you get monkeys”

Dunno who came up with that weird saying but it’s very true

If you pay for something that’s cheap you’re going to get a cheap service.

Which is why I hate when we get messages on our FB page saying…

“How much per session?”

The thing is, we DON’T charge ‘per session’

What the hell is a ‘session’ going to get you anyways?

Fudge all, that’s what!

We offer the FULL package

– Training
– Nutrition
– Support
– Accountability
– and banter of course 🙂

If you’ve had a PT before and you didn’t get all of that

I’m afraid to say you got ripped off

Unless of course…. you paid peanuts

This is why we created our group training programmes (bootcamp & ‘Girl Who Lift’)

Because we know how expensive our PT packages are and not everyone can afford it

So we run a group programmes which are a fraction of the price of 1-2-1 personal training.

Plus you don’t just get accountability from myself & Paul…

You’ve got other members of your group

and another 70ish in our private members only group


Email us at for more information!

Peace out

Peter ‘premium?’ Kolatowicz

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