Shape Up In Time For Christmas Without Sacrificing The Foods You Love

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90 Day Christmas Shape Up Program Starting September 25th.

Firstly, We HATE Quick Fix Diets...

You know what I mean right?

Those quick fix diet plans that put you on an extremely low calorie diet, one so extreme that you can't stick to it for more than a week or two because you're:

- Constantly hungry 

- Tired and drained all the time 

- No energy for work, family or gym

- Moody and not a nice person to be around

- Could binge eat 10,000 calorie at any moment

But we understand why people put themselves through all that crazy stuff. It's because they are desperate for results and desperate for change. 

The only problem is, those results and changes don't last. Infact, 9 times out of 10, people who lose weight and bodyfat using a crash diet often end up piling it all back in a week or two later and more often than not, they end up putting on even MORE than when they started. 

Strength & Fitness Training Are KEY To A Lean & Toned Body

See, when you slash calories too low (quick fix diets) and you don't use proper strength & fitness training, your body starts losing muscle mass. You might not care about muscle mass, but you should.

Here's why:

If you want to look Lean, Strong, Toned, Athletic, Slim, and Look Good Naked?

Then it's essential that you follow a proven and tested strength & fitness programme.

We want to help you change your body so that you feel confident in your own skin again and feel proud of your physique (especially in time for all those Christmas prties/dinners)

We want to help you so you can go clothes shopping and buy ANYTHING you want without having to try everything on only to feel rubbish when it doesnt fit properly. 

One of the ways we can do this is to show you how to use strength training to build a leaner body that boosts your confidence.


Introducing 90 Day
Christmas Shape Up

Our 90 Day Christmas Shape Up  is our non-quick fix programme specifically designed for people who want to get leaner, more toned and build their strength & fitness levels through the roof.

But as I said, it's NOT a quick fix, it's NOT a magic pill solution and although it's a 90 day programme - you're going to have to be consistent and work hard over that 90 day period.

Our Aim With This Programme Was To Create A Programme That:

  1. Works: Results are 100% gauranteed. We designed this programme with your results and success in mind. But again, it only works if YOU do. But it works fantastically well when you do follow it consistently.

  2. Changes lives: As I've mentioned, we HATE quick fix diet plans which is why we have developed this programme as a guide to changing your Lifestyle rather than just giving you another temporary fix.

  3. Isn't restrictive: We use a very flexible approach when it comes to nutrition plans so you can still enjoy all your favourite foods and still get results.
  4. Isn't time consuming: Not everyone wants to spend hours and hours in the gym, so we have specifically designed our strength & fitness programme so that it only required 2-4 hours of your time per week. Which isn't a great amount considering there are 168 hours in a week. If you want to trian more, you can, but it's not neccessary.

Ditch The Boring Gym Classes and Start Getting

Fed up with regular gym classes?

Bored of the same old routines that don't change very often? 

Hitting the gym 2-4 x per week but not seeing the results that you SHOULD be getting?

Chances are you just aren't training correctly, you aren't training hard enough and or you just don't know what the hell you're doing.

We have a pretty notorious reputation for our training programmes here at PK Fitness.

They are HARD. 

They are INTENSE. 

They will push you way out your comfort zone. 

But that's a good thing.

That's where change and growth happens so it's essential for you to "get comfortable being uncomfortable".

Our training sessions are hard and aren't for the faint hearted! You'll be pushed to your max...

but you'll reap the rewards for doing so.

Take this as a sort of 'warning' if you're interested in our 90 Day Programme...

It's NOT going to be easy. 


It's NOT for you if you are looking for a quick, easy fix.

If that's what you're interested in, you're looking at the wrong page my friend.

Here's what you get:


Access to our Small Group Personal Training Programme. You can train up to 3-6 x per week in our Small Group Personal Training Session where we you will get Stronger, Leaner & Fitter with a hard but enjoyable training programme.


Simple but effective nutrition strategy. The fat loss and fitness world is FULL of Bulls*** fad diets and bogus supplements so we take the SIMPLEST approach to dieting for fat loss. You'll eat real food and get real results doing so. 


Brand new Recipe Book (every month)

You'll also get a brand new recipe book with 30 new delicious, healthy, easy to make recipes so you never get bored of the same meals.


Goal Setting & Accountability.

We will show you how to set goals properly and most importantly we will keep you accountable to those goals to ensure you reach them.

Join Our Happy Clients

"Was always too paranoid to go to the gym..."

“Could not recommend PK Fitness enough. Was always too paranoid to go to gym classes/personal trainers before over fear of judgement of your fitness levels. This just does NOT happen here. Your made to feel completely comfortable and given exercises that obviously do push you and improve your fitness. I'm in my 3rd month and can recognise a massive improvement in my fitness. Definitely give them a try if you want to improve your fitness/lose weight and have a bit of banter whilst you do it"

Ainsley Galbraith  //

personal training Glasgow

"I love how varied and challenging the session are..."

I joined PK Fitness on the lead up to my wedding and got great results.

I’m back again post baby, doing the small group training. I love how varied and challenging the sessions are, with no two being the same. Always knackered and sweating after each class.

I was quite apprehensive coming back, struggling with the changes to my body and fitness levels after having a baby but 3 months in I’m feeling stronger and getting closer to my pre baby weight each week!

Peter and Paul are amazing at what they do, they really are great and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough!!"

Jen Longwell  //

"I am now just over 4 stone lighter than when I started..."

I joined PK Fitness bootcamp sessions at the end of March 2017, over a year later I now attend the small group training sessions. This is the longest I have ever stuck to any sort of training and nutritional plan, I usually lose all will power and go back to old habits. However training with Paul and Peter keeps you motivated to stick to your training sessions as each one is completely different and pushes your limits. No food is out of bounds either as long as you track everything. I am now just over 4 stone lighter than when I started and lost 4 dress sizes in the process. I am now probably the fittest and smallest I remember being. I even completed the Glasgow 10k with Paul and Peters motivation which is something I never thought I would do. I look forward to see what else I can achieve with them in the future.

Lynsey Letham Jewer  // 

"You essentially get a personal trainer for a fraction fo the price..."

“I honestly can't recommend PK Fitness enough. Peter and Paul are fantastic at what they do - not only are they supportive in helping you to meet your goals, but they're also working hard on their own too!. I lost weight, gained confidence and am so much happier for putting time in at the gym with these guys. Flexible training times and really small groups mean that you essentially get a personal trainer for a fraction of the price. Cheers guys, again!!-

 Jess McQueen  // 

The Best Time to

Get Started is Now!

Can you afford to put this off for another year or two? How long can you keep going round in circles, on and off fad diets, losing then regaining weight and never getting out that vicious cycle...

Or do you want to:

  • Be STRONG & FIT enough to do 'real' press ups and learn how to lift weights properly to completely change your body shape (without getting 'bulky')?

  • Drop multiple inches (and clothes sizes) so you can CONFIDENTLY wear anything you want without worrying if it 'fits right'?

  • Take full control of your diet and eating habits so you can FINALLY get off the 'yo yo dieting' wagon once and for all and stop wasting money on BS supplements?

  • Be able to go clothes shopping and actually enjoy the experience rather than​ and buy clothes you feel great in?

  • Feel confident enough to take your kids/family swimming and have a good time without feeling ashamed of your body shape?

  • Be in such great shape that you're always ready and capable of running 5k's & 10k's (and get a good time doing so!)

  • Be Toned, Lean & Proud of your phyisque so you can stop hiding in the shade with your t shirt on when your on your holidays?

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