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drop a dress size

Drop A Dress Size Challenge

Remember I said my first session wasn’t that bad?

drop a dress size

Well.. You should have seen the state of me after my second session which was also day One of the drop a dress size challenge.

The second session was heavy on my legs, like seriously heavy. But it’s such a good group of people your training with that although the sessions are hard it doesn’t seem that bad. (well apart from that assault bike – that’s death after 1 min no matter who you are you will never beat that beast)

OMGEEEEE I had that crazy leg pain after it – I’ve had it before but not for a long time. I forgot just how intense it is when you’ve not trained properly for such a long time.

I went a walk to the park with kids to try loosen them a bit but would have rolled down the hills if I didn’t have a pram lol

Trying to sit down to pee or walk down stairs was quite a task! But hey off I went again the day after for another battering. 😂😂😂 And here I am today 2 weeks in to the drop a dress size challenge and am I still in pain??

Yes I am! Lol

Not as bad now but every time I train especially if I do something new I do feel it afterwards. At the risk of sounding like a gym w***er it’s becoming a good pain… the kind where you know it’s working.

drop a dress size

What I’ve been doing

  • Water – I’ve increased the water to 2.5 liters every day – before I was lucky to finish 1 pint. Normally I live on coffee. I’ve now limited it to 3 per day. Two in the morning and one in the afternoon.
  • Calories – Every single calorie I eat, I track! I’ll be doing this until I understand the calorie content in my food a bit better. I love food so I’m not about to start eating like a sparrow! But I also understand that I can’t eat like a pig either and not expect to gain weight without my activity compensating somehow.
  • Neat – Increasing daily activity or making sure I’m hitting a min of 10,000 steps per day, every day. It’s not actually been that hard. I’m running about after the boys all day. Although with the weather recently my walks have been less than pleasant.
  • Training – Getting as many sessions as I can in at PK Fitness. It’s been hard sessions but I am beginning to enjoy the process.

What have I learned?

I had a bad day, stuck in the house with kids driving me mental. Weather was rubbish. I had to hit my steps target by lapping the house. And resisting the urge to eat the contents of the fridge.

PK Fitness Glasgow have a facebook private members group which helped so much. I’m sure otherwise I would have just talked myself into eating crap and ditching the steps because it was too hard.

I had a look on the page and someone had posted saying they were in the exact same position as me that day. Then there was a few others. Although it was a struggle at the end of each day you’re accountable to that group. You need to post your progress and it makes u want to do it because u don’t want to report a crap day.

However people do have shit days. Maybe they can’t hit steps because they’ve been stuck in back to back meetings etc. That’s okay because the point is you just have ur bad day and move on. Get back on track the next day instead of saying oh well I ruined it I’ll just have a take away now. And the ditch it altogether.

One bad day out of 28 is actually really good going and it’s also not going to turn you into a big fat pig lol.

Body Confidence

It’s funny when you tell people you’re going to the gym or watching what you eat. You get really different reactions. Some people cheer you on and others look at u like you’ve got 2 heads. You get the people who watch quietly waiting for you to fail. Then there is the ones that say you look good for having two kids. Be proud of your body. Be body confident. Don’t worry about your calories or going to the gym. Or your not that bad… what does that even mean? 

Mmmmm it’s a weird one because I consider myself quite confident. And I am proud of my body – its been trough the wars.

In the last 18 months I’ve been pregnant, had a natural delivery followed by surgery. Been pregnant again and delivered via C Section 11 months later.

I’m not shamed to say I have the shelf. The kangaroo pouch. The over hang. Whatever you want to call it I defo have it. But i’m also not ashamed to say I hate it.

The boys get everything from me. My time. My energy. My money lol But I’m taking back my body. The don’t need that anymore. So I’m going to do everything I can to minimise that C Section look.  

But now because I want to feel and look better it’s all a bit weird for other people.

Soz. Not Soz.

A round of applause please

Anyway I digress. Back to my progress.

PK Fitness Glasgow is all about feeling good and making healthy lifestyle choices. Creating a balanced healthy life. Not focusing on the scales but instead focusing on goals. Like being able to do full press ups, pull ups run a 10k etc etc or fit into your old jeans.

So I’m measuring success this month by the fit of a pair of jeans – I was wearing them before christmas and then literally could not get the button done in January and so my first goal was to fit back into those jeans.

I got the zip up at the end of week one!!

I know some of you will only be interested in the scales so here you go..

I have lost 5lbs in 14 days. To be honest I don’t really care about that

I do care about this though… 

8.1 inches off the belly 💃💃💃💃💃

The Plan

I intend to stick firmly to the changes I have made so far and increase my activity and gym sessions where I can. I want to start focusing on increasing my performance in the gym rather than focusing on the weight loss because I feel like that will naturally happen if I am making healthy choices.

So bring on the next 2 weeks.

I will ofcourse keep ya posted.

The next drop a dress size challenge will be starting at PK Fitness Glasgow on 9th March so if you want involved get in touch.