How Dawn Dropped A Dress Size In 4 Weeks

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“Thanks for pushing me, my new, smaller dress size also thanks you!”

That’s what Dawn posted in our private Facebook group…

Well, not exactly

I left out the part where she mentioned how hard she was finding walking down stairs after leg day

Which shows us two things

1. She has been working hard


2. Hard work pays off

Dawn has only been getting coached 1-2-1 for 4 weeks

Yeah, just 4 weeks

and she’s already down a dress size

Here’s exactly how she did it:

One, 1-2-1 personal training session per week

A couple of home bodyweight work outs per week too

Followed the nutrition plan she was given


How would you feel in 4 weeks if you’d dropped a dress size?

You could if you work hard and commit to it

Need some help with it but personal training is a bit out of your budget?

We’ve still got spaces on our Group Personal Training 6:30am slot

You could drop multiple dress sizes over, lose weight and tone up whilst having fun and actually enjoying the process….


That’s all today



PS – Remember, you can book a FREE 1-2-1 Personal Training Session on the link below…



if you want to drop a dress size that is

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