“Even when you think you can’t do anymore”

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“push it a tiny wee bit further!”

Another BELTAR of a response to my question the other day

It’s so freaking true

Read that again, brosive

“Even when you think you can’t do anymore….push it a tiny wee bit further!”

I don’t know how many times I’ve been mid way through a tough training session and wanted to give up

the ‘fcuk it thoughts’ start to creep into your mind

the self doubt sets in

But you can ALWAYS go that tiny wee bit further

And you ALWAYS feel 100 x better for pushing that extra bit further

It’s tough as hell

When your already exhausted and think your ‘done’

digging that little bit deeper and going that extra mile

But it’s not just in your training that you need to ‘go a bit further’

I’d say it happens more often when people are dieting for weight loss

When you’ve already ate your calorie intake for the day yet you still feel hungry,

and then the ‘fcuk it thoughts’ creep up again

That’s REAL mental strength

When you can overcome those cravings and carry on towards your goal after a ‘close call’

it’s so powerful and does wonders for motivation

Which is why we like to do ‘gut check’ workouts in our group training

So you don’t just build up physical strength

but you build up super mental strength as well

It’s great for motivation, knowing that you’ve just went through a proper tough workout and you finished it!

‘The Stairs’ is a favourite gut check workout of ours muahhaha

Wanna improve your mental strength as well as your physical strength?

Go here

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Over & Out


PS – Gonna run 10k on Sunday which is a ‘gut check’ for me

Because I HATE running but I like to test my mental strength too

I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

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