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He’s Not The Same Without His Balls

My wee doggy pal Oscar has been misbehaving in the last month or so

He’s always been a cheeky wee rascal but he was getting worse and worse

So, we called a dog behavior expert out

It was unbelievable

This guy calls himself ‘the dog whisperer’

Rightly so, he was amazing

Katrina described him as ‘he’s like Jesus or something’

Anyway, Jesus recommended that Oscar gets his nuts chopped off as this was causing a lot of the behavior problems

Seems pretty drastic, right?

Well, sometime when you are so used to being/behaving in a certain way

You NEED to take drastic action

In this case, Oscar lost his man parts that he used to lick far too often
(he misses them dearly)

In your case??

Maybe you’re stuck in the mind frame of ‘extreme dieting’ or that you need to starve yourself to lose weight

Maybe you just don’t know how to exercise properly to lose weight

Or maybe you’re just ‘set in your ways’

But you NEED to take drastic action in order to change

Well…if that sounds like you?

You may be interested in our Group Personal Training

>> 3 x 60 minute small group (8 people) training sessions per week

>> All classes are held in our small private gym in the West End of Glasgow just beside Kelvingrove Park

>> Times – Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 0630 & 0730 are the only time slots available

Hit this link for more info >>

That’s all today 🙂


PS –

There is ONLY 2 spaces available