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Who We Are

And How We Can Help You Achiebe Your Goals

We specialise in helping Glasgow locals go from 'Average Fitness' to 'Fitness Savage' with our Small Group Personal Training Program.

We'll help you:


Dramatically Improve Your Strength & Fitness Levels

And build lean muscle & torch fat fast with our tried and tested strength training program and heart pumping cardio conditioning training.


Fix Your Diet Once And For All

We don't believe in fads, extremes or any other nonsense. We help you build strong, healthy, easy to implement habits so you never have to 'diet' ever again.


Achieve Long Lasting Results!

We'll bridge the gap between where you are now, and where you want to be.

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Meet PK Fitness Glasgow 

We Are Here To Help You Completely Transform Your Body, Strength & Fitness!

Going from where you are now to where you want to be can be tough, but with the right support and guidance it can become so much more achievable & faster than doing it on your own. 

We're here to help you lose body fat, build lean muscle, tone up your entire body and you'll become what we like to call a 'Fitness Savage' in no time!

Why not sign up to our 7 Day Free Trial to see for yourself why so many people choose PK Fitness Glasgow as the go to' facility to completely transform their body, strength and fitness!

See What Our Clients Say About Us
Amazing Results With People Just Like You!

Over the past few years here at PK Fitness Glasgow, we have been helping people just like you achieve amazing body transformations, complete lifestyle changes and all WITHOUT the nunnecessary need for extreme diets or boring 'samey' gym workouts.

Jess McQueen

“I honestly can't recommend PK Fitness enough. Peter and Paul are fantastic at what they do - not only are they supportive in helping you to meet your goals, but they're also working hard on their own too!. I lost weight, gained confidence and am so much happier for putting time in at the gym with these guys. Flexible training times and really small groups mean that you essentially get a personal trainer for a fraction of the price. Cheers guys, again!!

personal training Glasgow

Lynsey Letham Jewer

"I joined PK Fitness bootcamp sessions at the end of March 2017, over a year later I now attend the small group training sessions. This is the longest I have ever stuck to any sort of training and nutritional plan, I usually lose all will power and go back to old habits. However training with Paul and Peter keeps you motivated to stick to your training sessions as each one is completely different and pushes your limits. No food is out of bounds either as long as you track everything. I am now just over 4 stone lighter than when I started and lost 4 dress sizes in the process. I am now probably the fittest and smallest I remember being. I even completed the Glasgow 10k with Paul and Peters motivation which is something I never thought I would do. I look forward to see what else I can achieve with them in the future."

personal trainer glasgow

Ainley Galbraith

“Could not recommend PK Fitness enough. Was always too paranoid to go to gym classes/personal trainers before over fear of judgement of your fitness levels. This just does NOT happen here. Your made to feel completely comfortable and given exercises that obviously do push you and improve your fitness. I'm in my 3rd month and can recognise a massive improvement in my fitness. Definitely give them a try if you want to improve your fitness/lose weight and have a bit of banter whilst you do it"

personal trainer Glasgow
personal trainer glasgow
personal trainer glasgow
personal trainer glasgow

And Experience Our Tried & Tested Program Providing Our Clients With Life Long Results

Absolutely No Strings Attached! If you like it, amazing! We'd love for you to be a member. If you find it's not for you, that's fine too! no hard feelings, we know we aren't the gym for eveyone.