I Did It…

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Remember my personal challenge I emailed about on Monday?

Well, I completed it!

I set myself a challenge of emailing you for 5 days straight
(hopefully with some helpful stuff)

This is number 6 in a row actually, go me!

Which may not seem like a ‘challenge’ to you at all,

but for me?

This was a big challenge as it’s something I used to do almost every single day

then I got lazy and lost motivation for it

and this ‘wee challenge’ helped bring some of that motivation back

I actually learned a few things whilst doing this

1. Having a goal is necessary

What’s the point if you don’t have a goal?

I think everyone should have a goal in life,

whether it be losing weight, getting fitter, getting smarter, getting a better job etc.

It really doesn’t matter what the goal is,  as long as YOU want to achieve it!

I have a few goals right now

1 for Body
1 for Being
1 for Business

I’ve set 90 day goals for these and I’m going to try my very best to achieve these
(I’ll let you know when I reach them)

2. Write down your goal

Just writing down a goal/s you want to achieve is HUGE,

Seeing your own hand writing is a powerful thing,

put your hand written goals in places that you will see them often really helps stay motivated and on track

3. Telling people about your goal helps a fuck ton

Excuse my French, but it really does help a fuck ton

The simple act of telling someone about your goals is POWERFUL

Perfect example is me emailing you to tell you about my email challenge

I made it clear that I was going to write 5 emails in a row

If I didn’t, you would call me out on my bullshit

Make sense?

Just having someone to hold you accountable will work wonders for you.

And that’s all I’ve got to say this morning my mate

I’m off to coach our 9am Bootcamp crew!!

Take it easy.


PS – I’m setting myself another challenge

I’m gonna keep emailing you everyday 😉

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