It’s All Over…..(Kinda)

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Twas the final bootcamp session last night

Little bit sad but also happy I get my Monday evening back to chill out

Word on the street is that Paul even had a wee cry when we finished last night

Bootcamp is where it started for me

but we’re moving onto much bigger and better things now
(Our Personal Training & Group Personal Training)

We’ve helped people achieve fantastic results with our outdoor bootcamp:

  • Stones of weight loss
  • Inches of fat shed
  • Muscles toned and shaped up
  • Improved cardio drastically
  • Improved strength and endurance

The list could actually go on for ever but you get the point

We’ve been up there training in the pissing rain, blistering snow and occasionally the scorching sun

Sometimes loads of people showed up…

Sometimes no one showed up
(night off YAY!)

It was really great fun and I learned a shit load about coaching and gained a lot of experience that I use on a daily basis

I’m speaking as though we’re finished with bootcamp forever aint I?

Well lucky for you my friend

We’ve decided to KEEP running on Saturday class at 9am

No memberships or contracts

Just show up and pay a cheeky wee fiver and your good to go
(current clients get it for FREE)

So, it’s not all doom and gloom

We’re saying goodbye to a couple bootcampers which is sad but we’re still keeping the Saturday morning classes going which is good 🙂

Well, that’s all I’ve got to say really

No ‘weight loss lesson’ here today

Apart from ‘consistently show up’ like we did for a year with bootcamp in all types of weather

Peace out

Peter ‘Totes Emosh’ Kolatowicz
PK Fitness Glasgow – The Weight Loss Guys

PS – BTW if you want to come and try out our Saturday Bootcamp for FREE, you’re more than welcome to

Just hit me with a reply to this email and I’ll send you the details

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