How Kayleigh Dropped 4 Dress Sizes

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“7 months…… over 2 stone……and 4 dress sizes apart! All I can say is thank you 😊”

That’s what Kayleigh posted in our members only FB group the other day

How great is that?

Wanna know how Kayleigh achieved these results?

I’ve got to be honest here, it’s not some ‘fancy shmancy’ diet and training program

In fact, it’s quite the opposite

You ready for it?

Here goes…

1. Ate a bit less
2. Exercised a bit more 

We obviously went into a lot more detail than that with Kayleigh
(can’t reveal that in a free blog of course )

But, that’s pretty much it.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it might be simple

but that doesn’t mean it was easy

Kayleigh bakes delicious bakery goods for a living

Surrounded by delicious mouthwatering cakes & pastries all day, every day

Imagine how tough would that be if you’re ‘dieting’?

Big props to Kayleigh,

I used to eat like 4 pastries a day when I worked as a masterbaker in Lidl
(I’ll tell you about that in another email)

The lesson here?

Weight loss is very simple…..

but it certainly aint easy

So it REALLY helps if you have an expert helping you out

+ an amazing group of people on the exact same journey as you, supporting you everyday.

Which is exactly what you get with us 🙂

That’s all today


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