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Lessons From The Boxeo Gloves

Lessons From The Boxeo Gloves


I purchased a pair of new boxing gloves on Tuesday, hired a boxing coach also, a guy from one of Scotlands top boxing gyms

But I’ll tell you about that on Monday!

Feeling pretty motivated to get back into thee old el boxeo

^^ that means Boxing in Spanish…. (I think)

Anyhoo, I got a pair of new boxing gloves

Absolutely B E A U T I F U L 

I love them already, (sorry old gloves)

The only problem is, they haven’t been ‘broken in’ yet, they still feel a bit tight and cramped

I won’t lie, they’re pretty uncomfortable just now…I was thinking about taking them back to be honest

but I never…

See, I’d done this before, with my ex
(ex gloves I mean! silly)

It takes a little while to break them in fully and get used to them

So, I’m gonna persevere

Which is what YOU should do if you’re trying to lose weight

It’s uncomfortable at the start

it takes a little while to get used to it

it definitely takes some time to get used to a lower calorie intake and increased exercise routine
(especially if you’ve never felt muscle soreness before)

But if you persevere (love that word)

then it starts to get a little bit easier and you get used to it

Then you see results and you carry on achieving goal after goal after goal…

Ya just gotta persevere

Ok, that’s definitely the last time I’ll used that word

Ya catch my drift, matey?


Happy Friday

Over & out


PS – I’m gonna be doing some more boxing personal training once I’m feeling sharper on the pads via learning myself

I’ll keep you posted, just in case you’re looking for some boxing training to help with fitness 🙂