Lessons From The Coffee Shop

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Every Tuesday, Paul & myself meet up with a good friend of ours in a coffee shop

This guy is a ‘business beast’ and knows his stuff

He’s also a personal trainer and runs a very successful weight loss group for women too
(similar to our Group Personal Training ….which has a few spaces in it BTW)


This is our ‘accountability’ group

We go in, we figure out what needs to be done over the next 7 days to further our business and get more clients

We then go away and work on our ‘key 4’
(the 4 most important things that need done that week)

As soon as I leave this meeting though

I’m absolutely buzzing, so excited and motivation to complete me ‘key 4’ and do the work required

But, as the week goes on

The buzz and motivation starts to fade a little bit

Especially when everything doesn’t go to plan

But that’s where our ‘private online group’ comes in handy

It keeps us accountable to each other and makes sure we are staying on track to complete our goals for the week

It helps us out when we are feeling like giving up

You know that feeling right?

You’re absolutely buzzing about starting your diet & exercise program on Monday

You’re feeling positive and you’re actually going to see it through this time

Then Wednesday comes along and you start slacking on your diet again and don’t go to the gym

By Friday your own the booze and take aways

And you’re back to square one, right?

This is one of the main reasons people fail at losing weight

Because they don’t have a support group  that is absolutely ESSENTIAL

And that is EXACTLY what you get when you work with us

A solid support system from not only Paul & I,

but loads of other women who are on the exact same journey as you are

That’s all today

Peace out


PS – Did you see Victoria doing 8 full press ups with pretty damn perfect form?

Check it out here >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLUHuYD8d4A

and leave a ‘well done Vcitoria’ comment if you feel in a good mood

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