Lessons From The Cage

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One of the BEST experiences in my life

With my head completely shaved apart from a bright red mohawk, I stood face to chest with a guy I was about to fight
(face to chest because he was 2 ft taller than me aha)

face off

That didn’t worry me in the slightest though,

I was mentally prepared and ready to give this my everything

15 seconds later, I was holding my leg and screaming in agony

I had been defeated

Months of hard work, sweat, blood, tears, injuries and a hell of a lot of sacrifice, for it all to be over in 15 seconds

Wanna know what happened?

The guy got me on the ground and done what’s known as a ‘submission’ on me

It’s called a ‘heel hook’,

probably the NASTIEST of all submissions

If you don’t ‘submit’, you are most likely going to be on your way to the hospital to get prepped for surgery

Luckily, I did submit

So how did this happen?


Because I didn’t know what the hell I was doing down in that position he got me in,

I really didn’t know how to get out of it

So, I had no choice but to submit

I was extremely confident in my boxing and kick boxing skills,

I was actually really confident in my ‘submission’ skills as well


I left out one ridiculously important part of the submission game though …..

How to get out of them!

I didn’t cover all areas of the submission game

Much like most people do when trying to lose weight

They either spend a shit load of money on bogus supplements that promise them 30 lbs of weight loss in 2 weeks


They hit the gym 7 days a week and completely disregard the fact that weight loss comes down to ‘calorie intake’

plus they usually forget how important sleep is too

==>> You NEED to cover ALL areas <<==

Write that down mate

and put it to action

Over and out

Peter ‘learned my lesson’ Kolatowicz

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