The Ultimate Strength and Running Program Designed To Get You Into The Best Shape of Your Life WITHOUT Any Bulls*** Fads or Gimmicks!



Lift, Run, Eat is our flagship online training program. We take your everyday gym goer and turn them into Strong & Fit Machines without any fads, gimmicks or money wasting supplements. We use tried and tested evidence based principles of training & nutrition and break them down into a simple, easy to follow program. All you have to do is do the work and you will be guaranteed results.


You'll get 3 x Strength Training Session per week which requires access to a gym. You'll build your Strength through the roof whilst building lean muscle which will completely tone and shape your body and make you more robust and durable. 


A big part of our training is based around running. It's what we love to do and it's what we love to coach as well. You'll get 3 x Running Session per week which you can choose from depending on your current running ability. And if you have a race or event coming up, we can put more focus on a personal running program if need be.


Nutrition is the last part of the puzzle, but that doesn't mean to say it's not as important. In fact, it's potentially the most important because if you're not fueling your body with the QUALITY and correct QUANTITY of nutrients, everything else will suffer and you'll struggle to get results. We simplify nutrition so much so that it's hard to fail.

 One my my goals was to have run a 5K by end of it. I've done two 10ks instead during that time with a current PB of 52 minutes.

At the start of the year I set out on my own challenge to shift 6 stone. I managed to lose around 3.5 stone and felt I was starting to hit a brick wall with the weight loss starting to stall around August.

So I signed up for the 90 day biggest loser challenge. This worked for me as I work away from home and it gave me great routines to do each week before or after work. Both Peter and Paul offer great support throughout and are always there should you have any questions.

It was a really enjoyable programme that seen me shift 32lbs more and lose 4 inches from my chest and hips, and 7 inches from my waist.

One my my goals was to have run a 5K by end of it. I've done two 10ks instead during that time with a current PB of 52 minutes.

I would highly recommend PK Fitness and for anyone thinking about joining up, do it. Put in the hard work and see the rewards

Jamie Doyle, Lift, Run, Eat Member

Here's how it works...



You'll get your workouts sent DIRECTLY to your inbox every single day telling you EXACTLY what you have to do that day. But the beauty of it is, you get to see your sessions 1 week in advance so you can pick and choose sessions to suit your weekly schedule.



You'll be added to our client email list where we show you the most SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE way of setting up your nutrition to make life as easy as possible. Plus you'll be sent a brand new High Performance Recipe Book EVERY SINGLE MONTH with 30 delicious, easy to make recipes.



Inside our private members group you will be able to ask questions anytime and have them answered with our weekly LIVE Q&A sessions. You can connect with other members who all chip in and help hold each other accountable (and provide the banter!)

For Only £29 Per Month

We Will Help You:

- Get Into The BEST Shape of Your Life Without Any BS Fads, Gimmicks or Expensive Supplements

- Get Stronger, Fitter and Build a Bulletproof Body Using Our Tried & Tested Strength Building Training

- Build a Cardio Engine So You Can Run Any Distance You Want

(even a marathon distance!)

- Master Your Nutrition/Lifestyle Habits So You NEVER Feel Like You're 'on a diet' Ever Again

- Completely Transform Your Mindset Towards Exercise So You No Longer 'need to do it'.... YOU'LL WANT TO DO IT!