PK Fitness Glasgow

pk fitness Glasgow

Paul’s balls :(

It was all Paul’s fault

Paul’s my big bro in case you didn’t know

He’s also the other half of PK Fitness
(the less handsome half)

We were out playing a bit of football yesterday

The only time we ever play football is just kicking it about before bootcamp starts

So our ball skills were a bit….shite

Playing a game of ‘hit the crossbar’

I had my 3 shots and missed them all.

Paul hit it on his first shot, it bounced backwards and over the big ass fence into a school playground

Luckily it hit a big container that was in the playground, and it bounced right back over the fence


He then takes his last shot and blooters it right over the fence…


See, none of us were too bothered about losing the ball, so we just left it and went back home

Which happens ALL THE TIME with people trying to lose weight

When you don’t care that much about your goal or you’re not that committed to achieving your goal,

as soon as a ‘fence’ pops up and puts a stop to your progress

You quit, just like we did with the football

>> Which is why you NEED to seriously want to achieve your goal <<

because you know yourself,

Life always puts up fences and tries to stop you form achieving your goal

but if you care enough to reach your goal, you’ll climb over that fence and carry on as usual

Am I right?

How many times have you said on a Monday you’re going on a diet,

you’re doing pretty well and your ‘will power’ is holding up

but Thursday comes along and your friends invite you to go out for dinner & drinks

The diet goes straight out the window and since you’ve ate and drank loads on the Thursday night,

You may as well just start again on Monday, right?

and since you’re starting again on Monday,

you decide to continue ‘of the wagon’ for the full weekend

Sound familiar?

This is why having a coach comes in really handy

See, we don’t give you a specific diet with certain foods you MUST eat

We figure out how many calories you need to consume in order to lose weight and let you decide on the foods you want to eat
(we make some suggestions of course and try to get the protein intake up)

But this means you can still go out and enjoy dinner & drinks with friends without ordering a plain salad and tap water

Sound good?

Click here to learn more about our group personal training program and we can do the same for you

Over & out

Peter ‘balls out’ Kolatowicz