Is Personal Training Worth The Money?

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We recently had someone ask this question

I think it’s fair to say that 1-2-1 personal training is pretty expensive

Especially if you see it as a ‘cost’ and not an ‘investment’

When you ‘invest’ in something, you get a return on your investment

>> Such as a leaner, thinner, more toned body that can perform squats and deadlifts like a boss!

But if you are only looking at it from a financial point of view that’s going to ‘cost’ a lot then chances are you’re probably not going to do it anyway

But I digress

Back to the original question

“Is personal training worth the extra money?”

I’m going to be ‘that guy’ and say

it depends….

It depends on what you want to achieve & your current experience

Let’s take Paul for example…

He wouldn’t necessarily need to invest several hundred ££ per month on a personal trainer because he already has great technique on pretty much every exercise

he can already write his own program for training and nutrition etc


He would benefit massively by having someone to hold him accountable, so an online trainer would be a better option for him as he’s still getting that accountability factor which is one of the most important factors

It also helps to get a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ on your training & nutriton
(we actually already have an online coach)

Now let’s say for example:

You’re fairly new to exercise and don’t know very much about nutrition either

The chances of you writing your own program and then executing it in the gym successfully are very slim
(Most people don’t know how to do a basic bodyweight squat correctly)

Therefor having someone there for you on a 1-2-1 basis is going to be massively beneficial for you as you’re exercise technique and nutrition knowledge will increase at a rapid rate

With that being said…

Just because you’re paying high end prices doesn’t mean the results just magically appear

You still NEED to do the work outside of the gym,

such as ….following your nutrition plan, doing your check ins and other training sessions outside of the gym

As much as we’d love to plan & prepare and make people eat certain things at certain times, we can’t

It’s down to you

We can only do so much and we 100% do our very best

I always seem to turn these into a rant don’t I?

Oh well, better out than in and all that eh?

Over & Out

Peter ‘Wanna buy some PT?’ Kolatowicz

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