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4 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Personal Trainer

This may seem a bit odd coming from me as this is how I make a living

but I’m going to give you 4 reasons that may make you reconsider your choice to hire a personal trainer

Here’s they are:

1. Loads of extra washing

Personally I find this the worst part of exercising

When you hire a personal trainer, and you turn up to your personal training session

you’re going to sweat a LOT

Doesn’t sound to bad does it?

Well, it is once you catch ‘the fitness bug’

Before you know it your training 3-5 times per week and all you seem to do in your spare time is wash your sweaty clothes

2. You will swear a LOT

I’ve literally been called every name under the sun now
(especially from the foul mouthed Ashley from our group personal training)

I’ve gotten used to it now, but never in my life have I heard so many ‘ladies’ swear

I use the term ladies lightly because some of them have such foul mouths

It’s all in good fun though, nothing personal
(I hope)

Just be prepared to shout and swear when your trying to complete that last 45 second interval of burpees or squat jumps

3. You’ll need to buy new clothes

This is obviously a great thing

but after spending hundreds of £££ on Personal Training

The result is usually losing a few clothes which inevitably means that you’re going to have to buy new clothes

It will feel AMAZING when your buying a dress 2 sizes smaller though

Money well spent I’d say

4. You’ll get an influx of compliments

Again, this is good and bad

Well for some people anyway

It’s great having people notice all the hard work your doing and actually seeing dramatic changes in your body

but, sometimes people get all embarrassed and ‘hit a riddy’ when someone gives them a compliment such as ‘you’ve lost weight’
(me especially)

They aren’t actually that bad are they?

Well, if you’re still interested in hiring a personal trainer in the Glasgow area

Why not book a FREE 1-2-1 Personal Training Session first of all

Then you can judge for yourself and see if you want to commit…

Sound good?

Go here


Over & Out


PS – Got ONE space left in our 6:30am class if you wanna jump on that ?

Just a heads up though, we had 1 space for our 5:30am open up and it was filled 45 minutes later

Gotta be quick

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