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How to Get Your
 First Press Up 
Without Using Your Knees
(6-Part Video Course)

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Video #1

Learn Proper Positioning


Video #2

How To Use Your Core Correctly


Video #3

The Importance of Control When Lowering


Video #4

How to Brace & Tense Before Pressing


Video #5

How To Use Household Objects To Help Build Up To a Full Press Up


Video #6

Putting It All Together To Get Your First Press Up

The Fastest Way for You to Get Your First Press Up!

Many people have been doing press ups from the knees for years & years without ever progressing to a full press up... and maybe you're in the same position.  It's time to realize that this represents a massive advantage for you, you'll most likely already have a fair amount of strength in the press up 'position' but you just need to work on some small, simple techniques shown in this short video course and you'll earn yourself your very first press up.

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