How To Get Better At Press Ups

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First of all

Let me tell you
it’s NOT gonna be easy

So, if you think that you’re gonna be repping out sets of 10 press ups in 2-3 weeks time then
you should you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment

As you may know, we run a a small group training program for women
(they are doing amazing so far)

One of our initial assessments is ‘the press up’

Basically we look at how many press ups you can do
(full press ups)

Now, quite a lot of the women couldn’t actually do a press up

It’s not because they are super weak and unfit

It’s because they don’t do them

Simple as that

I’m shit at running long distance because I don’t do it
(It also bores me to death)

I’m also shit at programming a computer system, why?

because I don’t do it!

Makes sense, right?

So… do you get better at press ups?

>>> DO PRESS UPS <<<


Wanna get better at something then you just have to do it…




Now, if you can’t even do one single press up then there are a few things we can do to help

but obviously I can’t do that via an email

But the bottom line is as Nike say’s

>> Just Do It

And soon your quarter press up will become a half press up then your half press up will be a full press up…

you see how that works, yeah?

Now go and practice!!

Over & Out

Peter ‘always practicing’ Kolatowicz

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