Reality Check From Hell

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Reality Check From Hell

Paul & I decided to hire a boxing coach last week, I’m still absolutely buzzing from the session and can’t wait to get back in for some more

‘Twas a BIG reality check for us both though

You may know by now but…

I’ve always struggled with my weight and fitness levels over the years, I’ve been up and down like a yo –yo

I was my fittest I’ve ever been a good few years back when I was in ‘fight prep’ (that didn’t last long)

Paul’s sort of been the opposite, he’s always been ‘the fit one’, mainly stemming from all his years in the army

But we both kinda became ‘lazy’ for lack of a better word

Don’t get me wrong….we’ve still been training

but mainly just lifting weights with hardly any cardio work at all

And it showed…

Oh boy did it show…

10 minutes into our first boxing PT and we are absolutely blowing out our arses
(me especially)

The thing is though, I’m NOT looking at this as a negative experience (although it may sound like that aha)

I’m actually really happy we had this ‘fitness reality check’ sooner rather than later

It’s really gave me a kick up the arse to start working on my conditioning again

As much as I love lifting weight, there’s absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t have great cardio at the same time

I’ll be doing a lot more of this now especially since we will be boxing 2-3 times per week

You ever had one of those reality checks and it’s motivated you to pull the finger out and do the work?

With most of our clients, they only notice it at a certain point in their life after weeks, months or even years of neglecting said thing
(like Paul & I with our cardio conditioning)

You know, one day you wake up and you’re favourite jeans don’t fit, or maybe one day you’re realise how out of breath you get just walking up a set of stairs?

But these things don’t happen overnight

so you CAN’T expect to FIX them overnight…

It’s probably going to take a few months for me to get into decent condition again

and then another few months to take it to another level

>> Same deal with your weight loss <<

it’s going to take a good few months…maybe even a year or more
(depending on your goal of course, it could be sooner)

Ya just gotta be patient and remember that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”

That’s all my mate

Over & out


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