She said she had a ‘personal trainer’

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I’m describing a women who came along to our outdoor bootcamp

Not to put her down or make fun of her

It’s not her fault

It’s her ‘personal trainers’ fault

Here’s the story

This women who shall remain unnamed, came along to our Saturday morning bootcamp

Having spoke to her previously before meeting her, she said that she goes to the gym 3 x per week and has a personal trainer

But, she was looking for something a bit different

She saw our awesome FB page and decided to come along for a free class

So, along she comes to Saturday’s bootcamp

Fills in the PARQ form and we’re good to go

Only 3 of our other clients show up and those 3 were in pretty damn good shape

But, I’m thinking she’ll be OK if she’s as fit as she sounds
(she looked in good shape too)

15 minutes in and she’d walking, breathing out her ass because of the high paced cardio
(she then says that she only does the cross trainer in the gym)

BIG difference between going through the motions on a cross trainer and sprinting

Anyway, we move on to the ‘main’ part

Got the jerry cans out, the kettlebells & slam balls

Technique wasn’t anywhere near what I thought it would have been

Again, not her fault

You see, she told me she had a ‘personal trainer’ for a good while


She couldn’t even do a bodyweight squat, a plank or even lift weight up correctly

She paid some guy who is a ‘personal trainer’ to do what??

Stand on a cross trainer for 45 minutes?

Walk on a treadmill for an hour?

Sit on the bike for pedal effortlessly and aimlessly?

This shit really pisses me off

’cause these ‘personal trainers’ charge usually no less than £25 per hour
(we’re amazing so obviously we’re more expensive haha)

The lesson?

Know who you’re paying to help yo

Do some research! If they don’t have any social proof on their FB pages or any testimonials/reviews
(Check ours out, TONS of video/photos of clients training PROPERLY with perfect technique)

I’d be very wary!

That’s all today

Looking for a GOOd coach with proven results?

Here you go, have a FREE personal training session and we’ll show you what we’re all about


Over & out

Peter ‘Always judging’ Kolatowicz

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