Want To Know The Exact Blueprint Men & Women of Glasgow Are Using To Transform Their Bodies, Lose Weight & Build Physical and Mental Strength.

Without having to use fad diets, hours of boring workouts or even give up the foods and drinks you love?

personal training glasgow

Small Group Personal Training

Whether you want to lose a bit of weight, perform better in your sport, look and feel better in your clothes or just be fitter and healthier, our small group training program can help. 

We have a wide variety of clients all with different goals and fitness levels, but the one thing that connects them all is their drive to better themselves. 

With our popular small group training program, you'll be able to train 4 times per week with us in our private strength & fitness gym.


From working with hundreds of men and women from all over Glasgow, we understand how tough it can be to juggle a job, family responsibilities, early morning starts, late finishes and then somehow be expected to find the time and energy to meal prep every meal and exercise everyday.

And we've seen first hand, just how terrible some of the mainstream diet and fitness options out there are.

That's why telling you to cut carbs, give up your favourite foods, or spend 90 minutes in the gym every day is the last thing we're going to do.

Instead, give me just 5 minutes today, and I'll share with you why...

personal trainer Glasgow

You Need A Lifestyle Change Not Another Short Term Fad Diet...

Your current lifestyle is what has led you to the current shape, weight, fitness level that you're in right now, and you're the ONLY person who has full control over that. 

Taking 100% ownership of your actions is what's required NOW!  The good news is and you're already making good progress on that by simply reading this page.

Let me tell you a story...

Meet Lynsey...

Like many of our clients, Lynsey had tried a bunch of stuff in the past.

Back in March 2017, Lynsey decided to take 100% ownership of her body, fitness and health. She signed up to PK Fitness Glasgow because she was, in her own words.... "extremely unfit, unhealthy and overweight".

Fast forward 3 years and Lynsey is over 4 stone lighter and 4 dress sizes smaller!

But she's also extremely fit, strong and healthy nowadays because she changed her lifestyle rather than attempting another fad diet. 

Exercising 3-4 times per week is now a part of her lifestyle.

Eating healthy and in the right amounts is now a locked in habit. 

That's what you should be striving for. A lifestyle change, not another short term fad diet than will only give you short term results.

Small Group Personal Training

This is our flagship strength & fitness program designed to help busy, men & women of Glasgow lose the weight they want, without any extreme fad diets or boring exercise routines.

Here's how it works -

  • Access to our Small Group Personal Training Programme. 
    You can train up to 4 per week in our Small Group Personal Training Session where we you will get Stronger, Leaner & Fitter with a hard but enjoyable training programme.

  • Simple but Effective Nutrition Strategy. 
    We will show you how to eat real, healthy, nutritious foods to keep you energised and full (and still include some junk food and still get life changing results).

  • Support and Accountability.
    All our clients get unlimited access to us through email, check ins/feedback and our accountability group on Facebook any time they need it.

  • Brand new Recipe Book (every month)
  • You'll also get a brand new recipe book with 30 new delicious, healthy, easy to make recipes so you never get bored of the same meals.

personal trainer Glasgow
personal training Glasgow
personal trainer glasgow

Great. We've done our best to answer our 'most asked' questions below -


How Much Is It?

Our Small Group Personal Training Program is £129 per month. No contracts, although we do ask for at least 14 days notice before cancelling your membership.


How long do I need to spare each week?

Our membership allows you up to 4 training sessions with us. That said, we've had great results from clients who train 2-3 times per week. But as the saying goes, "the more you put in, the more you get out."


What are the session times?

We have a very flexible timetable.
Monday - Friday 0530-1030 then 1630-2030.
Saturday 0630-1030.
Sunday - closed.


Do you have parking and showers?

Yes to both. We have free street parking directly outside the gym and although it's nothing glamorous, yes we do have showers and changing roms.


Where are you based?

Our address is - 

255 Lochburn Road


G20 0QQ

We are a private gym, just a few minutes from Maryhill road. We're not a typical commercial gym, so you'll never have to worry about battling for equipment or feeling self concious.