Simple but POWERFUL Weight Loss ‘Hack’

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When it comes to weight loss

The number one thing it always comes down to is….

===>>> CALORIES <<<===

I’m sure you know this already though

I may have mentioned it before??

People already know this shit

However, what most people FORGET about is

the amount of calories that come in liquid form

You know, all the fizzy drinks, milk, teas, coffees
(those fancy coffees out of starbucks are hella high in cals mate)

So you could be eating 1600 calories and be on target for losing weight

But you forget to add in the 2 bottles of coke you had

and the 3 cups of tea

Plus the pumpkin spice latte

and BOOM

You’ve just added AT LEAST another 800-900 calories

And you wonder why you can’t seem to lose weight even though you’re eating ‘healthy’???


Stop drinking all these fucking drinks!

Switch to ‘diet’ stuff that has virtually no calories

Stop buying the damn expensive fancy coffee
(if you drink one of them everyday and you say you can’t afford personal training….you’re WRONG)

So yeah, switch it up to the diet versions of these drinks

They still taste ‘alright’ and you’re saving yourself a bunch of calories which may have been holding you back from losing weight

That’s all today

Speak Soon

Peter ‘diet coke a day keeps the sugar cravings at bay?’ Kolatowicz

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