A Slow Cooked Bag Of S***

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No, this isn’t a slow cooker recipe

Sorry if you’re eating your breakfast and all you can think about is a bag of shit in a slow cooker

I take that back actually, I’m not sorry, I find that pretty hilarious if I do say so
(yes, I am very childish)


Why’s this email titled ‘a slow cooked bag of shit’

Well, lemme explain….

Few weeks back, me, Oscar (the ball’less dog) and Katrina went glamping

Out walking the dog and just as we let him out the car to take him a walk

He done what I can only describe as ‘giving birth to a log’….out his ass

It wasn’t pretty

So, Katrina bagged it and looked in all directions for a bin

No bins in sight

So, instead of going with my idea which was to just leave the bag on the ground

She decides to put it in the car whilst we go a walk in the middle of nowhere

Great plan!!

^^ That’s sarcasm again BTW

Baring in mind, we had some decent weather and we went a walk for a good hour and a bit
(you know how hot cars get in the sun, right?)

Safe to say I wasn’t looking forward to getting back to the car

We finally got back and as expected…

The car was absolutely REEKING!!

The lesson here?

** Don’t leave a bag of shit in a hot car on a hot day **

^^^ I’m joking that’s not the actual lesson but it’s still a goody ^^^

The real lesson?

>>> If you leave shit long enough…..it’ll get worse (literally <<<

When it comes to losing weight…

and you keep putting it off till after your holiday or keep putting it off till next Monday etc

It’s going to get a lot worse

AND it’s going to be a LOT harder for you when you finally decide to fix things

That’s a vicious cycle to be in
(I’ve been there)

I get it, I really do

It’s tough

But you just need to ‘grow a set’ and DO IT!

It’s gonna be tough sometimes and you’ll want to quit



It just so happens that I know a great place for you to start…

Right here

>>> www.pkfitnessglasgow.com

Over & Out

Peter ‘come dine with me?’ Kolatowicz

PS – If you’re still in the phase of REALLY wanting to lose weight & tone up but you haven’t started…

What’s stopping you?

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