The Straw The Broke The Camels Back

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The straw that broke the camel’s back

Couple years ago I went to Turkey,

Two weeks of unlimited food and booze aka heaven

Two weeks with Katrina (my better half), Paul and his better half, Kelly Ann,

Sunning it up in Turkey

Whilst we were there, we got some ‘professional’ photos took

What a laugh that was

The photographer asked us to choose our 2 favourite photos so he could print them and then he gave us all the others on a disk for us to take home

Back home in rainy Glasgow

I decide to look at the disk with all our photos

Still buzzing from the holiday, I was in a good mood


I started to notice a few things about myself

Firstly I noticed how, after 2 weeks in the sun….

I still seemed to be as white skinned as the day we left Glasgow


>> I noticed how round my face was

>> I noticed how much my ‘moobs’ were poking out through my t shirt
(moobs = man boobs BTW)

>> I noticed how my belly was hanging over my jeans
(front, side and back)

>> And I noticed how uncomfortable and bloated I looked

That was the moment I realised something had to CHANGE.

See, I’d been pretending that I was happy and being a bit overweight didn’t bother me

Doing the classic ‘I’ve earned this belly’ whilst patting my fat belly and forcing a laugh out

I couldn’t pretend anymore though,

not when I stood on the scale and I was 17 stone 10

I’m sure you’ve felt that way before, right?

My first thought was….

I’m not having dinner tonight

Then I was on google looking for the latest fad diet and exercise program

Even though my brother Paul is a personal trainer

I’d never really listened to him too much.

I’d put weight on and lost it before

Loads of times actually

That was the problem though

Every time I’d go on a fad diet and lose weight, I’d end up putting it all put on and then some

But then I started listening to Paul’s advice

Then the game changed

In the first few weeks I was about 1 stone down

After a few months of training and eating well
(I still had ‘junk’ food and drank alcohol sometimes)

I was a couple more stone down, looking and feeling good and in remarkable shape

I decided that I wanted to help other people do the same

I enrolled on a PT course and studied the best guys in the industry
(still do….almost everyday)


We put together a program using the same methods I used

and the same methods Kayleigh used to drop 3 dress sizes in 8 weeks

It’s the same methods that has helped Tracey drop 10 inches from her waist in 10 weeks

And it’s the EXACT same methods that we use in our Group Training Program
Which you can still join, simply hit up the ‘contact us’ page and fire us a message and we’ll ge you booked in

Peace out

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