personal trainer Glasgow

Since working with Paul & Peter I have lost over a stone and multiple inches. I'm also getting stronger and fitter as well as toning up. They are great at providing structured workouts but also adding in some fun too.

I can't recommend them enough!

* Katrina Adams
Personal Trainer Glasgow

Can't recommend highly enough, Paul and Peter really know their stuff. Been working with them since January as an online client and have lost a stone, several inches and gone down 2 dress sizes! Really good workouts, excellent nutritional advice and they are both really supportive and encouraging.

* Katrina Tilston
personal trainer Glasgow

Working with Peter and Paul has been one of the greatest decisions I ever made. They are so knowledgeable, supportive and understanding in every aspect of what they do. They've helped me gain back all the confidence I lost over the last few years and then some! I've dropped 3 dress sizes already and I am amazed by the progress and changes I see week in and week out. The private Facebook group is brilliant too as you can talk to people going through exactly what you are and help and support each other. I am honestly happier now with myself then I think I have ever been and with Peter and Paul's help I know this is just the beginning of amazing things to come. Cannot recommend them highly enough, if you're looking for a personal trainer Glasgow - they will change your life!!

* Kayleigh Butterfield
personal training

When I first started personal training with PK Fitness Glasgow, I was self conscious, had really low self-esteem and I wasn't happy with the way I looked and felt. I knew that I wanted to get healthier, stronger, leaner and toned but had only really done cardio in the past. Paul explained the benefits of resistance training in helping me meet my goals. Through my training I am getting stronger, healthier, leaner and toned but more importantly my self esteem and confidence is growing and i am now happy to go into the "guy" part of the gym and love lifting weights.

* Victoria Walker
personal trainer Glasgow

Peter and Paul are amazing trainers – extremely encouraging and motivating– giving me the confidence to believe in myself and my ability. I am amazed at how much my fitness levels have improved since training with PK Fitness - for someone who doesn’t even run for a bus to running a 10k is nothing short of amazing .

* Jean

Paul and Peter provide a fantastic, professional PT service. They discuss your goals and work at a pace that suits you. They're supportive but push you to meet your goals. They've completely changed my attitude to exercise and nutrition and I'm feeling stronger and fitter all the time. As an exercise novice they make it welcoming for all shapes and sizes and levels of fitness. I would highly recommend them, they know their stuff!

* Joanne Hennessey

Small group training is fantastic - session are tough, but great fun. Paul and Peter really know their stuff and push you to achieve your goals. I have found a stronger, fitter me and have lost multiple inches everywhere! Definitely recommend 🙂

* Marie - Claire Farmer 

Highly recommend the boys for personal training. They make you feel comfortable but also make you work to your best.Great info in regards to your nutrition.When you need a bit of extra motivation they are always there to help get you going again.

* Christine Doyle

PK Fitness is the best group for achieving a body change and improve the mental and physical strength. they work with small groups of people which means basically that the session is kind of personalized making you feel secure in every type of workout.

* Stephania Duarte

Five star personal training, group training and bootcamp. I have gained an education while attending sessions with Paul and Peter and have found a new love of exercise, becoming stronger and learning how to treat my body in the way it needs to reach my goals.

* Tanya Baillie

Glad to join them this summer , Peter and Paul gave good recipes and nutrition guide to help me. Motivation is one of the best thing they influenced me as I don't work that hard on my own, but now I love the challenge and how they push me through all the time as they believe in me. Of course no pain no gain.

* Susan So 

Cannot recommend Paul and Peter highly enough. Not only great trainers but realistic in the struggle!! Always there to keep you going even when you think you can't!

* Carly McGrain 

Fantastic for all abilities, great support throughout. 100% recommend.

* Klare Chamberlain

Never had so much fun whilst excercising. Best thing I've ever signed up to

* Fiona McMahon