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“The Ibiza Diet”

Ever heard of it?

I don’t actually know if  ‘the ibiza diet’ is a thing but it sounds like it could be

I was scrolling through instagram after our last group finished up yesterday morning
(They absolutely smashed it BTW)

A girl uploaded a photo of a big ass Dominos pizza, wedgies, chicken strips and cookies

It looked AMAZING
(and made me pretty hungry after seeing it tbh)

But, what really caught my eye was what the caption the girl wrote under her photo

“I have every good intention to Juice & Detox for 3 days prior to returning to Ibiza” 

For a start….

‘Detoxing’ is a load of bullshit

Your skin, liver, kidneys & lungs etc, all ‘detox’ on a DAILY basis

Detox supplements, shakes & pills are all just a big money making scam

There is no scientific evidence that proves any these type of products actually get rid of toxins in the body anymore than what your body already does itself

But if you like wasting money then carry on

In fact, if you’re into that sort of thing then you probably wont like reading the rest of this and I probably can’t help you

>> I get it though

People want results and they want them NOW

Getting a slimmer, leaner and stronger body takes time and patience though

That’s why we encourage all our clients to set realistic 90 day goals

The results you can get in 90 days and SUSTAIN

are far better than the results you can get doing a ‘3 day juice & detox’

Yes, you’ll probably lose a lot of weight and feel a bit less bloated after 3 days of only consuming juice

but, guess what happens when you start eating again?

That’s right, you just put the weight back on (possibly more)

Then you end up doing another detox and juice

You see, these companies survive on repeat business because it actually works

It just doesn’t work for very long and you end up buying them again because it ‘worked’ the first time

It’s a vicious cycle that far too many women find themselves in

When the reality is

All you have to do is eat a bit less and exercise a bit more and the weight will come down

It might take some time but it’s far better than crash dieting every few weeks

Wanna know what’s even better?

Hiring a coach that know’s how to get the best results for you
(in a quick but realistic time frame)

Hit us up on this link and book a FREE 1-2-1 Personal Training Session and we’ll tell you everything you need to know


That’s all from me today

Over & out

Peter ‘Ranting again’ Kolatowicz