“Just think of the wedding dress”

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Well boxing bootcamp was fun last night

Packed full of loads of great punching, squats, planks, sprints, sit ups and an abundance of FOUL language

Lots of “fucks”, “shits” and “fuck yous”

Mainly directed towards Paul…..
(although I did get called a ‘tadger’?)


It wasn’t all just ‘cussing’ at us

Whilst they were smashing the pads on the last round, one of the new girl started to slow down a bit

and her partner yelled out,

“just think of the wedding dress!”

after she replied with “fuck the wedding dress”

it got me thinking about goals and motivation

What is your reason for exercising?

Is it to lose weight & tone up?

Is it to become stronger?

Is it to put on some muscle mass?

Is it to just get a bit fitter & healthier?

or is there a set goal in mind such as fitting into a wedding dress?

If you don’t have a real goal set, then really your not going to progress much

You have to have a set goal

You then have to decide how your going to reach that goal


Get excited about the work it’s going to take to get to that goal

(it’s gonna be a LOT harder to reach if you don’t like what it takes to get there)



Yup, that’s right….

You actually have to do the work required in order to reach your goal!

Talking about it won’t do shit


What’s your reason for exercising and dieting?

Let me know….

Once you figure it out

Hit the link below and we’ll help you get there

>>> www.pkfitnessglasgow.com

Peace out


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It’s pretty bad ass

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