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You know exactly what I mean right?

We’ve all experienced this at some point. Whether it be ourselves, a friend or co-worker, we all know about people who diet during the week then “fall off the wagon” during the weekend.

Let’s use Jane from accounts as an example though, (Sorry if you’re name is Jane and you work in the accounts department).

Here’s a brief description of Jane:

– She wants to lose weight.
– Is currently 85kg and in the long term she’d like to get down to 70kg.
– Works as an accountant
– Sits a lot at work
– Usually drives to work, sits for 8 hours, drives home and sits and watches TV
– However, Jane goes to the gym 2-3 times per week.
– Jane diets during the week and her diet consists of excluding bread, chocolate, fizzy drinks, fast food and other goodies that she loves.

So, that’s Jane. You might know a “Jane”, or you might even be Jane.

The Weekday Diet


Now let’s delve into Janes diet a little bit.

It’s what we call an “exclusion diet”.

Most people (including Jane), believe that bread and carbs in general are the devil which cause weight gain. So, bread and all the other tasty carbs are out the diet.

No sweets, chocolate or crisps either.

Basically, Jane’s diet isn’t very enjoyable and is very restrictive.

Jane’s Weekday Exercise Plan


Jane’s exercise plan consists of going to the gym 2-3 times per week.

A body pump class, a spin class and 10 minutes on the bike, 10 on the cross trainer, 20 on the treadmill and 10 on the rower.

In other words, it’s mostly cardio with no real structure or progressions in place.

But she works hard when she’s there and burns a decent number of calories via those gym sessions.

Good work Jane!


Janes just finished work and heads to the gym for her 6pm spin class.

90 minutes later Jane is in Tesco, at the booze isle trying to decide which bottle of wine to get. She can’t decide so she gets the two that are taking her fancy.

Home, shower, jammies on, glass of wine poured, feet up…

Door bells rings, it’s the delivery man. Dom from Dominoes delivering Jane’s large pepperoni pizza and side of wedges.

Pizza and wedges scoffed, bottle of wine down the gullet, time for bed.


Jane’s feeling good. She had a good week of dieting and exercising so she’s off out for lunch with friends to “reward herself” for all that hard work she put in during the week.

Lunch was a typical pub lunch, and a wee pint of fruity cider to wash it down. Lunch done, now it’s home time to relax a bit before the big night out.

After dinner, she gets ready whilst having a wee glass of wine or two before meeting her friends in town at 10pm. Jane’s got her Saturday night sliders on and is ready to paint the town red

– 2 bottles of wine (between 4)
– 2 pints of fruity cider
– 6 gin and tonics
– 2 cocktails
– 3 shots of tequila

Jane’s now pished.

In addition, she’s now waiting in the que to get her cheese, chips and kebab meat then heads to the taxi rank and home.

Bed time.

The dreaded Sunday.

Jane’s as rough as Frodo Baggins feet after his journey from the Shire to Mount Doom!

After finally getting up at 2pm, it’s time to go to the shop and stock up on crisps, chocolate, and fizzy juice (Irn Bru of course) then get Netflix on to try and block out all the drunken debauchery that happened 12 hours previously

Back to Monday.

Time to get back on the diet after “falling off the wagon” for the 8th weekend in a row. Maybe Jane has lost weight when she steps on the scale this week (She hasn’t)

The End.

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading about Janes weekend antics.

This isn’t just Jane who does this though. It’s very common and a lot of people do this sort of thing and then wonder why the haven’t lost weight.

They’ll restrict themselves during the week because they think they need to do that in order to lose weight.

but they usually restrict themselves to the point of, no longer able to restrict. And then a binge happens because willpower only lasts for so long.

The whole point of this story was to show you that dieting during the week and then binging during the weekend or “rewarding yourself” is NOT a very good approach to weight loss.

Take a look at the graph below.


As you can see, this person has been dieting during the week like Jane has, and then bingeing over the weekend.

The person in this graph is still in a calorie deficit aka burning more calories than they are consuming but only a very small deficit, as  result, this would lead to a weight loss of ONLY 1lb of fat over the course of 7 weeks.

A 1lb of fat loss over the course of 7 weeks isn’t a lot at all, especially if you’ve been dieting hard Monday through Friday and been very restrictive.

So, if you’ve been trying to lose weight for some time, maybe have a look at your weekends and see if you could cut down on alcohol, take aways, crisps and chocolate etc

It could be the difference between losing 1-2lbs per week or losing 1lbs over 7 weeks.

Over and out.


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