Why You’re NOT Losing Weight

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Most people do very well during the week when trying to lose weight

It’s the weekend that holds a lot of people back

’cause that’s usually when the bevvy gets cracked open and you ‘let your hair down’

but, too much of that  ‘letting your hair down’

can actually be what’s holding you back from getting the results you want

A few of the ladies in our client only Facebook group were posting booze pics and booze updates

Which is fair enough, everyone has a social life and likes to ‘let their hair down’

But, as I said about…..

too much of it can bring a stop to your weight loss

Here’s what I posted in our online group last night:
(I don’t think they were happy haha)

> Don’t mean to be a ‘party pooper’……



There are a LOT of calories in alcohol, 7 per gram in fact!
(just behind fat which has 9)

So, if you AREN’T getting the results you want such as losing weight, toning up, drop a dress size etc etc…

And you’re out on the bevvy every weekend

There’s a very good chance that this is your downfall…

You may hit core 4 but if you’re constantly going over calories then you aren’t going to lose weight….

1 bottle of wine = 600 calories, add in 4 vodka & cokes = 480 calories & a couple of Jagerbombs = 200 calories

Total = 1280

That’s a lot of calories, especially when you’ve already ate maybe 1500-2000 during the day and there’s a good chance you’ll have the end of night ‘munch’

There’s also a very good chance you could drink more than what I’ve listed, I usually do if I’m out on the sauce

Just saying….

If you’re results have stopped, slowed down or you aren’t getting any….maybe look at how much alcohol you’re consuming smile emoticon

and on that note…Have a good night party people hahaha <<<


Try and have a think back to the last time you went out drinking

Try to remember all the drinks you had

Add them into ‘myfitnesspal’ or google the calorific values

and see just how many calories in alcohol you consumed

Let me know the results 🙂

Peace out


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